Bacup Borough must still be wondering how they have come away from Staffordshire with nothing despite an excellent spirited performance.


Bacup took the lead following a good move down the Bacup right involving Joshua Walne and Matthew Bryan before Charlie Collinge advancing from midfield diverted the ball past the Eccleshall keeper, it was from Bacup’s possession which got the home side back into this game, a ball out of the Bacup defence from Adrian Bellamy to Josh Walne, the latter had started to make a run forward, this resulted in possession being lost, the ball was switched across the pitch before being placed in behind the Bacup defence for the Eccleshall striker to make an excellent finish, if this was a blow to Bacup who most certainly were the more classier side of the two when with just three minutes prior to half time, Jordan Wilmore had an opportunity to send the ball forward, he failed to take the initiative allowing his counterpart to take the initiative by placing the ball in behind, the ball and danger could have been averted but the Bacup Captain Adrian Bellamy stopped hoping to catch the lad offside, claiming for off side and stopping proved once again to be costly has no offside was given and through this the ball was in the net, Eccleshall went into the break 2-1 to the good.

The second half was only two minutes in from the half starting when Bacup found themselves 3-1 down, this once again from their own doing, the defenders were keeping an high line, when the home side keeper send one ball down the middle of the pitch from which midfield player Nathan Tayo could easily have headed the ball away, instead he was caught under the ball which ended up going beyond the Bacup rear guard for the Eccleshall striker to get in behind and complete his hattrick.


Despite the two goal deficit Bacup were still well into this game has they were playing well enough to suggest they would get back into the game, this was the case when not for the first time Walne and Bryan causing all sorts of problems for the hosts, when the interchanging of positions between Walne and Bryan was enough for Walne to finish well making it 3-2, from this point in Bacup were pushing more and more for an equaliser which but from an excellent save by their keeper following a free kick at the left hand side of the pitch, just outside the penalty area, did find Josh Walne making a blindside run, connecting well with the ball only to witness the homeside keeper get himself quickly across his line blocking Walnes  goal bound effort.


Bacup can take a lot from this performance but the manner they gift goals must be worry for Manager Brent Peters who had this to say at the end of the game “ I was very much impressed with the football we did play coupled with the amount of possession we had throughout, however I am extremely disappointed for the boys having come away with nothing for their efforts, “ Peters added “ if you break the game down, everything we produced was worked hard for by us, sadly this cant be said about their three goals, their first goal despite to be fair an excellent finish came from our possession, if my player does not run away from the ball and stands still being a target, we stay in possession, their second goal, once again their lad took the initiative whilst my lad stood off and let him take the initiative, in addition the defensive unit could have still defended it but they opted to conduct what I call lazy defending by standing there with arms raised claiming offside,  their third goal was also scored which was one long ball down the middle of our pitch, if the line drops deeper, then no way that lad gets in behind and scores, Peters finished by saying “ It is fine margins, but those fine margins are costing us and need to stop “