Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Brent Peters’ Tribute to the late Frank Manning.

Frank Manning was in every meaning of the word “ Mr Bacup,” not just by the fact that Frank’s association with Bacup Borough Football Club dates back to 1964 from which his position was Secretary later to be Chairman until present day whereby he was the Football Clubs President, Mr Bacup also derives from the fact that Frank also did play a major role on the committee of the Bacup Amateur Football League, Franks devotion to football was rightly so recognized by the Football Association when the Lancashire Football Association on behalf of the FA did back in 2004 present him for a creditable fifty years in the Sport he loved.
It is ironic and heartbreaking that the passing of this wonderful man comes in the week leading up to celebrating my twenty years at Bacup Borough, it was Frank that brought me to the club and if I am to be totally honest, Frank Manning was the reason that I personally have committed & devoted so much of my time to Bacup Borough Football Club, Bacup Borough was a big part of Frank’s life, I will never forget the look on his face, his total reaction, the joys that it did bring him when we achieved winning the league which was then the clubs first major trophy for fifty six years, it really did mean so much to him, further success did follow and I am truly grateful that Frank could share in that success.
Frank Manning was a true ambassador for Bacup Borough, his work was exemplary, his commitment was never questionable, his rewards was typical of Non-League Football, nothing, other than pride in his work and the surmounting friendship’s he did make within the Football Fraternity.
Frank Manning will be sadly missed by a lot of people, not just local but football wide.

Rest In Peace Frank, You always will be Mr Bacup.


Sad News Today

It is with real sadness that our Club President, Former Chairman and Secretary, a Gentleman that brought me to the club 20yrs ago Frank Manning has sadly passed away this morning, our immediate thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

Rest In Peace Frank.

A further tribute will follow.