MANAGER REACTION: St Helens vs Bacup

Manager Brent Peters Comments following his sides goal spree, when he had this to say


“  The fact we scored six and to be honest it could have been more really did not surprise me, too many times we have been guilty of over playing in and around the opposition  box which has resulted in excellent opportunities eluding us, almost every game now my Coach Dave Felgate sends them out with the words “ shoot “ ringing in their ears, they are told if the opportunity presents itself get your shots off, do not over play, so in this game has the saying goes “ they bought the raffle ticket ( shooting) and won the prize ( GOALS) the boys listened and by listening they got their rewards, so hopefully now they will shoot more often, Peters then said “ whilst it is creditable and rewarding to score six goals but it was far from being a gold star performance, we scored our goals all at the right time which probably cemented over other issues, for instance at three nil St Helens pull a goal back, not by there good play but from our sloppy play, when receiving a pass you move towards the ball, this did not happen, the receiving player waited for the ball which was then dispossessed, bad play!!  From this defensively we were not together, there was that much space their lad that finished was in space with no defender within a defending position to challenge, that was poor!! Another point was for the first quarter of the game we constantly kept going back to our keeper, this invites pressure, it also given the conditions makes for mistakes at the wrong end of the pitch, Peters added “ Josh Walne proved both mine and Dave Felgate’s point to just put a ball in behind their rear guard into space when attacking is by no means a wasted ball, this is one reason we select boys with pace, athleticism is massive in today’s game, we got our third goal from this situation when Josh did just that and Alessandro finished, Jordan Wilmore deserves credit when at nil nil he makes a good off the ball run forward, by making such run he got himself in a position to score and he also did not disappoint, Peters added “ I loved the lead up to Anthony Hall’s penalty, the lad got onto the ball from a deep position and made a really positive run, I love players that will quickly turn defence into attack very quickly, it was Ant’s positivity that got us the penalty,  Our fourth goal just shows another reason of what can happen when you get your shots , Michael Gervin shoots, keeper pushes the ball out and young Kyle Brooks was on the front foot to finish, Peters added “ if we over play in that situation, I guarantee we do not score, by delaying opponents have more of an opportunity to  get men back behind the ball, Peters went on “ Matty Dell scoring very early onto the re start of the half will just about knocked any remote belief St Helens had of getting back into the game, out of them, credit to both Matthew and Josh has both second half goals had some similarities the biggest being they were well struck shots.

Peters finished by saying “  when we played with belief, when we played with positivity, when we played with a tempo,  we looked what we are,” a very good side”, when we slowed the game down, when we would constantly take the easy way out of continually going home to our keeper when the opportunity was clearly on to open up in order to switch play, we looked vulnerable to the point we was inviting the opposition, once Jordan Wilmore opened the scoring, quickly followed by the Penalty quickly followed by Kyle Brooks finish, all goals coming at vital times ensuring anything negative in our play was not in any way going to hurt us,  My final words of credit goes to both sets of players, Management, Officials and spectators for braving the horrendous over head conditions, on the day they all were the real winners “




St Helens 2-Bacup Borough 6


Bacup Borough went on a goal spree in the Acro frame Stadium with goals from Jordan Wilmore, Anthony Hall, Alessandro Ruocco, Kyle Brooks, Matthew Dell, & Joshua Walne, whilst there could have been more goals in favour of the visitors, St Helens themselves could have also added to their goal tally such was how much this game was stretched almost from the off.


Bacup opened the scoring when Midfield player Jordan Wilmore made an off the ball forward run, if ever the saying being in the right place at the right time rang true, it was in this game as Wilmore was in the right place at the right time when the ball found its way to him, Wilmore composed placed the ball into the space at their keepers right, this was what it needed to burst the borough into life, it wasn’t long before their lead was doubled when Anthony Hall from a deep position, well into his own half received the ball and then made a magical penetrating run right through the opposition midfield, driving into their box, whether it was frustration from the Saints defender or just naïve defending, what ever it was the defender sent Hall to the floor leaving the referee with no option at all but to point to the penalty spot.

Anthony Hall got himself up stepping forward before finishing the spot kick and doubling his teams lead.

Constantly during the first half you could hear the Bacup Bench urging the players to play the ball into the space left behind the Saints rear guard, it was little wonder when Josh Walne playing on the right in close hear shot of the bench responded to their instructions with a glorious weighted through ball into the space behind, just the kind of service that Bacup’s Italian striker Alessandro Ruocco thrives on, once he had arched his run ensuring he was on side he opened up with pace to get onto the ball, the Saints keeper closed the angle but the moment their keeper committed, Ruocco slipped the ball under their keeper to score, this was only Alessandro Ruocco’s second start to the season but with two goals in his two starts is beginning to prove what came with his scouting reports the boy  is a naturel finisher.

The three goal lead was short lived as slack play between Davison Banda and Jordan Wilmore left a saints player the chance to intercept before finding their most influential player in space, completely unmarked before slotting the ball past Turner in the Bacup goal.


Was this going to be a nervy few minutes before the break? It could easily have been but when Anthony Hall got onto the ball before finding Michael Gervin who’s powerful shot was pushed away by their keeper but only into the path of the advancing midfield player Kyle Brooks to score his second senior goal of the season, making it St Helens -1-Bacup Borough -4 at the break.


The second half got underway, the weather overhead was not getting any better, the only saving grace the surface was 4G otherwise without doubt this game would have become a victim of the weather,  when Bacup Borough’s Matthew Dell got onto the ball down Bacup’s left, pushing the ball out in front of him before striking the ball with such ferocity which curled away from their keeper into the top corner making it five, I do think at this stage the saints would have given anything for a postponement, being a plastic pitch it was never going to happen, so when Josh Walne on the right flank got onto a similar ball has Matthew Dell, he drove on  before going around a defender, he then committed their keeper before striking to make it six, the game was well and truly over, credit to St Helens despite this they never gave up in what was horrible overhead conditions made easier to handle when you are winning and more difficult when you are loosing, the home side kept going and did manage to pull another goal back making the final score