Monthly Analytics Meetings Great Success

Monthly Meetings To Be Held At The Red Hall Hotel

Manager, Brent Peters gathered his players at the Red Hall Hotel in Bury for the 1st teams monthly analytics meeting.

It was an opportunity for the gaffer to address his players to discuss the positives and some of the finer details of how the first month in the NWCFL First Division has gone so far.

The monthly meetings will be an excellent way of discussing and reflecting on issues from a footballing prospective and also for the entire Bacup Borough staff to spend time together in different surroundings. Chatting to the manager he said; ‘This is a brilliant way of coming together to discuss the positives and the negatives of our game. It also allows us to focus on both the things we are doing right but also develop and work on things that need extra attention’.

It’s clear to see that the manager is certainly hoping that this season will be as successful as possible. And with regular monthly meetings due to take place during this campaign, it should only act as a positive addition in the clubs quest for silverware.