Boys Gain Point From The Jaws Of A Defeat

The Bacup Manager Brent Peters had this to say “ Credit must go to the team by the fact that their never give up attitude got them a valuable point, however once again this game was another example of Bacup Borough gifting goals, this, and not by the fact that the opposition are carving us open, this is just not the case, and has not been the case in every game we have played to date, this is why it is so frustrating has we are our own worst enemies, Peters added “ take their opening goal with one minute on the clock, the decision to go home to our keeper was bonkers, this is a player who is comfortable on the ball, if he turns away there was options to hit the channel or stay on the ball himself, Golker have not had to work for that goal, it was a gift, their second goal, in my opinion the Referee was conned, their lad seemed to have over run the ball, but as gentle a touch it was from Ross on their lads back, it was enough for the official to give them a penalty, their second penalty I do not have an issue with the decision the referee made, however I do have a problem with my defender by the way it was committed, so all three goals really could have been avoided, Peters added “ in terms of two of our goals, we have had to work hard for, something that is in contrast to their goals, one could say we also had to work hard for our equaliser has Matthew Bryan had drove himself into that position in the box where the infringement did take place, every credit to Matthew, not just his run, but by the fact it was a pressure penalty given the time left and the result at that time, Peters added “ I was glad for Lowis Holding getting such an important goal, the boy has not had the best of times lately, so hopefully that goal will give him a boost to hopefully kick on, Peters finished by saying “ Wednesday against Shelly we looked very good and extremely solid but we did not get what we deserved, in this game we did not reach the levels of our overhaul performance we did against Shelly but we thankfully got something from this game and maybe did not deserve it, but that is football and we are truly grateful, but credit to the boys for not letting their heads drop in order to gain a point from the jaws of a defeat “



Not for the first time this season have this young Bacup Borough side shown the desire to claw their way back into a game when it has looked like they were beaten, with seventy minutes on the clock Bacup were trailing 3-1 in a game that penalties at both ends were the deciding factors, Bacup got off to the worst possible start when with only one minute on the clock young Kyle Brooks in control of the ball for some inexplicable reason he opted to go back to his goal keeper, the ball had no pace on it which the Golker striker could not believe his look that he received a nice weighted pass into his path from the Bacup player which he slotted past the helpless Bacup keeper Peter Monteith, this was not the start Bacup wanted against a side that had only lost one game to date, the one saving grace was there was still eighty nine minutes to go, so plenty of time to get themselves back into the game, Bacup’s Josh Walne had a glorious opportunity to have equalised when he was through with the goal and keeper facing him but failing to compose himself he lashed at the ball which went disappointingly wide, another well worked move down Bacup Borough’s right which eventually saw the ball  come right across the goal area, had Ryan Standring made the run from the left with conviction there was a goal there for him to add, it was then down to the Bacup Borough keeper Peter Monteith to keep his side in the game with an absolute stunning save when the ball was sailing into his top right hand corner of his goal, following this effort the Bacup defence on a number of occasions were being pulled out of position which needed bodies being thrown into the line of fire blocking several attempts from the Yorkshire side, Bacup then lost the services of Alex Mellor with an injury to be replaced by Alex Luby, it was not long before Bacup got themselves back into the game when the won a free kick which was delivered with quality onto the head of Matthew Bryan who’s glancing header had their goal keeper well beaten, despite the first half being a frantic forty five minutes the scores stayed level at 1-1 at the break.

Just like the start of the first half Bacup soon found themselves behind with only five minutes on the clock at the re start Golker was gifted what looked like a really soft penalty decision, the Golker striker got in front of the Bacup defender Ross Mallinson who was forcing the striker away from goal, the ball seemed to be going out of play with the player already going to ground by an over balanced action, the Bacup defender with the slightest of touches laid his hand on the strikers back enough for the referee to award the spot kick, it seemed a really harsh decision, up stepped former Bacup Borough player Nathan Tayho to put his side 2-1 up, if this was bad, it got worse when another Golker attack resulted in Captain Laquan Esdaille made a late challenge in the box resulting in yet another penalty from which Nathan Tayho stepped up once again making it 3-1 to the hosts, with little more than fifteen minutes left Manager Brent Peters made his last substitution bringing on striker Lowis Holding who managed to pull a goal back for his team, this came as a result of a free kick which Josh Walne did take, he put the ball into the area of Lowis holding who guided the ball past the Golker keeper,  this goal gave Bacup some fresh hope and they did not disappoint with their never be beaten attitude, the equaliser came from Matthew Bryan driving into the box, he rode the first challenge but could not stay on his feet when the second challenge came in, the referee had no hesitation but to point to the spot and Matthew himself stepped up to score and with this securing his side a point when it seemed the game was lost.

Peters Remaining Positive Ahead Of Golcar United

Brent Peters goes into the weekend game against Golcar United with a positive outlook. And even though the season has got off to a slow start for Borough in regards to results, the gaffer is more than happy with his young sides application and willingness to learn.

The manager spoke to Bacup Borough FC Media about the recent defeat to Shelley FC and briefly touched upon the game away at Golcar United in the North West Counties Division One fixture.

Peters Looking To Make It Three In A Row

Investing In The Youth

Tonight we get back to league action when we welcome Shelley to the Brian Boys Stadium. It seems quite a while since we last played in the league when we achieved two back to back league wins.

Our past two fixtures have seen us disappointingly exiting from two cup competitions, both just as easy as we have gone out we could also have been in the hat for the next round, such was the fact that in both games there was very little to choose between the two sides.

However we must get away from self-destructing and players have got to be able to take on board simple information, Saturday against Abbey Hey I was absolutely fuming after the game, I gave a simple basic instruction before introducing my last substitute, his information was, just play in the pocket and keep your eye on their right full back who was at times getting forward with late runs. The player in question responded yes, no problem, but it was a problem, and it did turn out to be a critical problem because the full back in question scored their winning goal. I was absolutely fuming as my substitute took it on himself to get involved with something else and not the duties he was given. Not only did he get it off me after the game but also on Sunday when I rang him up to try to find out what had got into his head. It is one thing giving young lads their heads by playing them in a mans league, but it is another when they just can’t digest basic important information.

Not only are my team giving me an headache but daily so is a four legged protected animal by way of a badger. Every morning I arrive at the ground and every morning it has caused havoc on the pitch by digging, I think it is fair to say it is completely doing my head in. And to make things worse there is not a right lot I can do about it, the only thing it has in common with Bacup Borough is it is Black & white. I can’t even say it is bringing us much luck, but rest assured it is dropping plenty of muck, they say muck for luck, well lets hope come 10pm tonight our luck is in and we have ended the game with three straight League victories.

Finally. There will be some new faces added to the squad tonight, another bonus being they are local lads too, we wish them well hopefully they enjoy their journey with us.

Enjoy the game
Brent Peters

Monthly Analytics Meetings Great Success

Monthly Meetings To Be Held At The Red Hall Hotel

Manager, Brent Peters gathered his players at the Red Hall Hotel in Bury for the 1st teams monthly analytics meeting.

It was an opportunity for the gaffer to address his players to discuss the positives and some of the finer details of how the first month in the NWCFL First Division has gone so far.

The monthly meetings will be an excellent way of discussing and reflecting on issues from a footballing prospective and also for the entire Bacup Borough staff to spend time together in different surroundings. Chatting to the manager he said; ‘This is a brilliant way of coming together to discuss the positives and the negatives of our game. It also allows us to focus on both the things we are doing right but also develop and work on things that need extra attention’.

It’s clear to see that the manager is certainly hoping that this season will be as successful as possible. And with regular monthly meetings due to take place during this campaign, it should only act as a positive addition in the clubs quest for silverware.

Disappointing Result But A Very Good Competitive Game

A disappointed Bacup Borough Manager spoke after the game with these comments “ We was all under no illusion of how difficult this game would be against a team that won their league and have gone currently to the summit of their Premier League, but taking everything into consideration, I am well pleased on a number of points but I am extremely disappointed by the manner in which we did concede, especially given the main reason we did concede we had spoken about at the break, Peters added “ we went toe to toe against a very good side, there was very little, if anything between the two teams, this pleased me knowing we was ever bit has good has they were good, they shaded the fact they had in their ranks a few more street wise players than we had, it was those street wise lads that had the nous to punish us for our naivety, Peters added “ our Midfield were told at half time to be aware of blind side runs, a situation that at the end came back to haunt us for not dealing with this,   their equaliser came from a young defender growing into the game but then getting giddy by taking too many touches which he had no reason and no right to do, defend first and four most, sending the ball as far from danger as possible, then comes their winner, Peters added “ I still am not able to come to terms why our midfield was not goal side and touch tight at the  edge of the box which would have give them a chance to defend against the pull back, Peters added “ think about it, the ball was wide in their left channel, the lad ran at least twenty yards before cutting up the bye line, it was not like he put in an early ball, this he did not, so our midfield had plenty of a chance to get goal side, they did not and only they know why not, because has that ball was pulled back, they had two players unmarked fighting to get their shot off, Peters added “ all through the game our lads in midfield’s distances between players were well and truly adrift, another issue addressed at the break, another issue they have failed to grasp which because of, did result in Grimsby getting the winner, Peters finished by saying “ Did our Midfield work hard ? of course they worked hard and I praised them for that, but because they did not game manage the situation in there by talking and organising, inevitably they were making a lot of unnecessary runs and with this burning up unnecessary energy, we must remember a lot of these boys are work in progress, nothing to do with skill, technique and attitude, they all tick the boxes superbly on all of those, however it is the other aspects which come such as organisation, game awareness, talking, the latter will always save a player a whole lot of running, it was a disappointing end to what was a very good competitive game of football from which the stakes were high, every credit to Grimsby, we wish them well in the competition “


FA VASE 1st Round Qualifying

Bacup Borough 1-  Grimsby Borough -2              

North East Counties Premier League side Grimsby Borough rode into the Borough in good form for this FA Vase encounter but mighty Bacup made the Humberside  champions work hard to get anything from the game, Bacup got off to the perfect start with less than five minutes on the clock Kyle Siddle dispossessed their centre back of the ball before breaking goal bound before slotting the ball under their goal keeper, typical by the way games have gone for Bacup this season it was the home side for long periods in the ascendancy, Matthew Bryan was unlucky not to double Bacup’s lead when he unleashed a twenty five yard effort that had the Grimsby keeper beaten but was saved by the rattling of the cross bar, so much was Bacup Borough’s first half dominance that Grimsby were restricted to one effort when Bacup keeper Peter Monteith well off his line mis directed a kick which their intelligent player latched onto the ball to chip the stranded keeper but thankfully Monteith’s blushes were spared by the fact the effort dropped at the opposite side of the post.

Despite Bacup Borough’s dominance in possession they only had the single goal to show going in at the break.

The second half was a total different affair when Grimsby came out, they started to show how they became last seasons champions, as the game got stretched it became end to end but the Bacup Borough keeper Peter Monteith was the busiest of the two keepers, he was brought into the action when the Bacup midfielders were nonchalant to runners getting themselves into advanced positions, the writing was on the wall when Monteith had to make a blinding save to keep his sides slender lead intact.

At the opposite end Bacup had an excellent opportunity with the Grimsby keeper saving a Matthew Bryan Effort which fell to his strike partner Kyle Siddle who’s snap effort went just wide, but it was the team from Humberside to whom punished Bacup for a mistake with Ben Oldfield taking an extra touch he did not need to make, his then rushed clearance hit his defensive partner before dropping into the path of a Grimsby player who made absolutely no mistake from close range.

It looked like the game would be heading for extra time with both teams putting in unbelievable work rate, in the closing minutes Bacup got an half chance when Joel Gnabouyou’s effort struck the bar but it was Grimsby Borough that had the final say when they broke down Bacup’s right, Josh Walne seemed to be nudged off the ball too easy, this gave the Grimsby defender the chance to enter the box and go up the bye line unopposed before he pulled the ball back to the edge of the box where an unmarked midfield player smashed home their winner and with it smashed any hopes of Bacup having a lucrative Vase run.

If It Is Not Broken, Then Don’t Fix It

The Bacup Manager Brent Peters spoke after the game when he had this to say ” Before I Annalise my teams performance I would like to congratulate both sides for the way they both contributed to this game ” Peters added there were two young honest sides competing that produced football and sportsmanship between both that was a credit to the North West Counties League, to a neutral this was very much a very good exciting game of football ” Peters added in the first half and even right up until us giving a way a needless penalty, I thought we looked comfortable, well in control and only a case of how many goals we would achieve, however once we give the penalty away and it was converted, the game did come down to fine margins, Peters commented ” the boy seemed to be caught flat footed and then reacting late which resulted in catching the player who had moved the ball, the boy has to take control in that situation, the late reaction cost us, from this we then started to get anxious in our defending resulting in unnecessary free kicks, this inviting pressure, again something we got punished from, when Chadderton had clawed their way back to 3-3 it seemed like it would end this way ” however this is where I pay our troops great credit by the fact they never once let their heads drop, they all believed in each of their own ability which in the end we got our just rewards with another Match winning goal from Joel, Peters finished by saying ” before I start to be questioned as to why Joel has not been starting, Peters said ” for one Substitutes in a lot of cases are as much, if not more important than the starting eleven, they are selected to make a difference, it is fair to say Joel has made a difference in the two games he has been introduced, the second thing being, the boy has a raw talent in terms of other parts of his game, his game awareness in terms of where to be in certain situations within our teams structure, it is more advantageous to explain these to him as the game is going on, we must remember he is here to develop his all around game, the fact he is from another country with limited English, we believe this is the best way to help him understand, ” in addition and likewise to Joel I have been pleased with each and everyone of our boys contribution in our last two games, if it is not broken, then do not fix it is what I believe ”


Bacup Borough 1-Pilkington FC -0
Chadderton -3- Bacup Borough -4

Bacup Borough played their second game in three days over the Bank Holiday weekend coming out with maximum points from their two games, Saturday’s home fixture with Pilkington FC to whom themselves arrived in town on the back of an impressive win against the early league pacesetters Lower Breck were for long periods against Bacup second best when it came to possession, but despite the home side dominating the game it did seem like it was going to be another frustrating afternoon of mist chances which was going to once again deny Bacup the points, this until the second half when Manager Brent Peters introduced his young French prodigy eighteen year old Joel Gnabouyou who himself did not take long to show his team mates just how to finish, on seventy three minutes Joel received the ball thirty yards out, with his head up he had one thing on his mind which was goal and what a goal it proved to be, first of all he took his defender on, once he got past the player he struck the ball with power, precision and accuracy giving the Pilkington keeper no chance, this goal and victory was nothing short of what Bacup deserved.

Such was Bacup Borough’s dominance in the first half it was obvious the Chadderton Manager would change his team’s shape in order to ask Bacup some questions, despite this it was Matthew Bryan to whom produced a good shot which equally produced an outstanding save from the Chadderton keeper for a corner which was defended.

Bank Holiday Monday Bacup made the short trip to Chadderton, Manager Brent Peters kept the faith with the lads that secured victory against Pilkington and once again the lads did not disappoint, with thirty seconds on the clock Matthew Bryan had opened the scoring, the move started down the Bacup’s left with Jack Holt who found Alex Mellor who then played an intelligent ball into Matthew Bryan who finished with power and precision, Bacup continued to dominate possession restricting Chadderton to one long range shot which did test Peter Monteith in the Bacup goal, with a little more than half an hour into the game Bacup doubled their lead when Alex Mellor timed his run to perfection beating the Chadderton off side, Bacup’s midfield put a neatly weighted ball into Mellor’s path who beat the Chadderton keeper with his goal bound effort but His team mate Kyle Siddle ensured the ball continued over the line doubling his teams lead at the break.

Chadderton got a life line from the penalty spot following a late reaction from defender Oliver Crew to whom caught the lad instead of the ball, the penalty was scored with ease, for the second game running Peters first change for Bacup was again the introduction of striker Joel Gnabouyou to whom it did not take long before his introduction did make an impact, he linked up well with his strike partner Matthew Bryan who got his second goal of the afternoon giving his team a two goal cushion.

With the clock ticking down Bacup did look like comfortably they would finish the game but their host had different ideas, when the Bacup central defenders failed to clear the ball which then resulted in a corner, it was from this corner that the Chadderton player got what seemed like a free header to make the score 3-2, it was now a question of whether this young Bacup side could see the game out, another bit of rash defending was created resulting in a free kick, the ball was delivered with lots of bodies in and around the box, the cross came in and was not dealt with, this resulted in a scramble at the far post which Chadderton did force over the line to make it 3-3, with time more or less up this goal looked like Chadderton had earned themselves a point from the jaws of defeat, but Bacup had other idea’s, from the kick off Bacup sent the ball long Alex Mellor got himself in a great position, he found Alex Luby who in turn found Joel Gnabouyou who for the second game running he made no mistake with his finish securing his side another three valuable points.