Managers Reaction: Belief In The Camp Is So Positive

After the game the  Bacup Manager Brent Peters had this to say “  If we are given the chance to get the ball down and play, then we have the players that can play and can hurt teams,  credit to Carlisle City they started the game very well in working hard all over the pitch in ensuring we could not get on the ball in order to dominate possession, Peters added “ we really did struggle but I put that more down to how Carlisle worked us rather than bad play from us, this said when we did get on the ball we would either make the wrong decision and with this give the ball back to our hosts, this or over hit or under hit the ball which again did result in cheaply giving Carlisle the ball back, in addition our midfield unit were constantly playing between players which not only did give the Carlisle midfield chance to get on a ball unopposed but the fact their distances were wrong, Carlisle were winning first and second balls,   Peters admitted when he said “ the only reason Carlisle did not break the deadlock in the first half was the excellent defending has a solid unit that Adrian Bellamy, Laquan Esdaille and Oliver Crew did put in, they were all different class not only did they keep us in the game but equally they protected our Keeper that well that I cant remember a save Lewis Monaghan had to make,  Peters said “ having weathered the storm in the first half  we were hoping for much better in the second half, whilst there was an improvement by the fact our Midfield unit did get amongst their opponents better which in turn got us playing, it was the opening minutes of the half which proved costly, Peters added “ all my left sided defender had to do was step across to the player on his outside that was advancing to get onto the ball which was played into the space, for my player in question this was basic defending but he had switched off, in this matter I personally blame myself for selecting the boy when he had not trained and only arrived back from Ibiza on Thursday, but the fact he is an excellent experienced player that basically I have put my trust in him, I do feel let down because it really was a routine defensive move he would normally execute with ease.

Peters went on “ what was pleasing was the way the boys did respond from this setback, they all really did work hard to get back into the game, when Michael Gervin got onto the end of a free kick  given the time on the clock, given the way the game was going territorially I honestly felt confident we would be returning with a well earned point, what I could not legislate for but it is always a possibility when one of our younger players makes a bad decision by committing himself to attempt to win a football in a situation our Left back seemed to have covered, the ball was in a wide position so in reality it was no danger, well not until the player in question attempts to win the ball from the wrong side, this results in  a foul resulting in a free kick which from this delivery our Hosts score what turned out to be the winning goal, there was only minutes remaining until the final whistle. Peters finished by saying “ of course we are all disappointed but both myself and my Coach Dave Felgate can take away once again plenty of positives, we are work in progress, we are a young side and young players will make honest but sometimes bad decisions, this is where both myself and Dave come in, one thing is a certainty the belief in the camp is so positive that everyone believes we are into something good and both myself Dave Felgate and Jimmy Petruzi have no reason to think otherwise “



Following The Game I spoke To The Bacup Manager Brent Peters who had this to say “

Whilst I am naturally disappointed with the result has my lads are also, we all know they fully deserved something from the game, but result apart I took a lot of pride and satisfaction away from the game by the fact we have worked in the close season hard on team shape, responsibilities in and out of possession, in this respect this game against last season’s promotion contenders was going to be a big test, I was really pleased by the way we executed this, we really did look like a well drilled quality side, providing the boys stick to their tasks going forward, then there will be far more positive results than negative ones, in this game it really did come down to fine margins, whilst their finish was clinical our chances were separated by the post and cross bar, my disappointment with their goal was the fact it actually was created by a quality cross which did come has a result of my player unfortunately taking a bad touch which advanced towards their wide player to whom delivered the quality cross, on the bad touch had my player have carried on and pressed the ball that cross does not happen but he retreated off to mark a player not a danger, the thin margin comes down to simply an innocent but wrong decision from which should that similar situation arise again, I am sure he will do the correct thing by pressing the ball, that was the danger, the ironic part about his touch, if he gets his touch right he would have gone past their player and we would have been breaking, Peters added “ the work rate and discipline from all the boys in difficult hot conditions was really good, I am just so disappointed for the group that their work ethics have resulted in not getting anything from the game, but there is an old but true saying “ you don’t always get what your work rate and play deserves “ credit to Prestwich who scored a slender goal to take maximum points, it was pleasing to hear them saying we will be with them challenging “ whilst it is good to hear things like that, it is now down to our boys in how they react to defeat going forward “


Managers Reaction: Much Improved Performance In 2nd Half

Following the game the Bacup Manager Brent Peters Had This To Say “ Our Lack of game time and Match Sharpness having not played a competitive game for two weeks told at the start of this game when our host took full advantage of this, Cheadle really did come at us, before we could get our second wind Cheadle had opened the scoring and basically had the game won in the first twenty minutes, Peters added “ playing a 4-4-2 against a three man midfield should not be a problem providing the unit can get across quickly in transition, this is where it was costing us which inevitably forced my hand at the break to relinquish my two wingers in order to introduce another midfield player and striker, Peters went on “ this change certainly made for a better performance from us and with it a more even contest, unlike the first half when we was second best everywhere, Peters added “ with some luck at the start of the second half we could easily have inflicted the damage onto Cheadle just like Cheadle inflicted on us at the start of the first half, had we have, it could easily have been 3-3 the difference, Cheadle were clinical, we was not,
Peters went on “ if you break the game down into 2 half’s, we lost the first half 3-0, we drew the second half 1-1 with a much better performance from the team, something that having got over the first half an hour having not been playing, once the changes had been made and the boys picked up the pace of the game, it did not surprise me, there is no doubts in my mind the lack of game time was the reason we were all way off the pace at the start, credit to Cheadle they made us pay dearly for this. “


Managers reaction: Snow Joke A Bitter Pill To Swallow

Manager Brent Peters had this to say “ You can lose games but deserve more, I guess that really sums our game up, the lads played well, worked hard in difficult conditions, on several occasions we got in behind the Holker defense but from this situation a mixture of making the wrong decision to being really unlucky was the reason we failed to score more than the consolation goal we did get, Peters added “ what does disappoint me is the two goals we conceded were really poor, situations which are never afforded to my lads at the top end of the pitch, anything we get we have to work hard for, the two goals Holker got were really too easy, the way they picked us off for their opening goal is totally unacceptable, Peters added “ but when players do not take on their responsibilities within team shape out of possession, then sadly this is what happens, there becomes an over load, to be fair to Holker they worked the ball well and found the slightest of gaps to finish, the frustrating part on their opening goal is when you see a player the wrong side of the ball spectating, when they should be behind the ball, then it is little wonder Holker picked us off.
Peters finished by saying “ Given the day we all encountered with the travelling, the weather, the fact the match official was at home with his feet up forcing a kick off one hour and twenty minutes later than it should have been, then the travel home, to come away with nothing when certainly deserved something, was a bitter pill to swallow for us all “


Managers View: Match Fitness Is Crucial Key

Manager Brent Peters Commented on both games when he had this to say.

“ It has been tough for us due to one thing then another over the past couple of weeks, with games constantly being postponed we can do all of the training in the world but match fitness is crucial, something through no fault of our own we have not had, Peters added “ this explains why our performance levels drop in or around the 70minute mark, this is not helped in anyway by the state of the pitches we are playing on, given the type of side we are, given the slick passing moves we do play, the bogs we are playing on just brings us down making it a leveller, against Alsager has the pitch deteriorated, so did our performance levels, in addition through lack of game time, minds become tired which inevitably results in switching off, Peters added “ this is not an excuse, it is fact, I said to my players after the Alsager game when we started and the pitch was good we were fantastic and worthy of our lead, it was inevitable the pitch would go but the honesty of my boys they did still try to play but the ball does not run true, the ball sticks, this means our slick players are not able to get away, players take extra touches, it becomes a real struggle to get into the forward third of the pitch, this in contrast to Alsager, they went back to front with one pass, they are now high up the pitch winning throwing’s, corners, free kicks, when the ball drops in the box, they are on it, not pretty but they played to the conditions, this is something which I did explain to my boys, it does not matter if it is not pretty, the name of the game is winning, if this means changing our approach whilst pitches are in the condition they are in, then this we must do, after all what is it about ? looking pretty but not effective and losing, this or playing ugly and winning, Peters went on “ I am indebted to my counterpart Steve Mainwaring at Rossendale FC and Jonathan Heap who is not a Goal Keeper but given the fact I was faced with a crisis, my only option was my 16 year old U18 keeper Adam Stenton, I am sure young Adam would have stepped into the breach and I am sure having seen the boy that he would not have let us down, however as a Manager I have a duty of care and must respect that at sixteen, playing against men, the physicality of this around the box, then had I have played the boy and we had have started to rain goals, this could have had a long term detrimental effect upon the boys confidence something I was not prepared to do to a player currently doing well in his development, by putting Jonathan Heap in goal, he has the stature, he is an adult and he has the physicality, he did concede five goals but at no point was Jonathan to blame, he was let down by certain players in front of him that seeming like they were literally sunk in mud and rabbits in the headlights “


Managers Reaction: Ben Rhodes Scored His First Senior Goal

Manager Brent Peters Had This To Say Following The Game.

“Without doubt the pitch was totally unplayable, the only reason this game eventually went ahead was down to the honesty of the players when the official agreed to leave the decision to them, it was an innocent, but Naïve decision based purely on the fact the lads wanted a game of football, some cynics will say it is the same for both sides, well let me inform those cynics it was not the same for both sides, Peters added “ we have a talented skilful bunch of lads that are quick and dynamic, playing on a bog will for starters slow us down, there is a saying “ horses for courses, some like firm, some strive off heavy courses, Peters added “ in my opinion and the same at home against Nelson where the pitch was a total bog, this most certainly did not suit my players one bit, Peters added “ despite the pitch deteriorating by the second, in the first half when it was as good as the pitch would get, Prestwich were second best, the first half goal we scored was very much typical of our play and just what we are capable of, from the ball being played from defence into midfield there was one touch slick passing involving Wilmore, Hall, Bryan leading up to a quality finish from young Ben Rhodes, Peters added “ I am so pleased that Ben scored his first senior goal since his step up from our under 18s, Peters added “ any young lads that aspire to make it either at a good level of non-league or into the football league, should show the same desire, commitment, patience that Ben Rhodes continues to do, week in and week out, Ben like other youngsters in our squad are the future and are very much work in progress, working weekly with Danny Jones will bring these boys on, no end, ‘Peters went onto say “ I never felt that we was ever going to lose this game, even when Prestwich Scored their equaliser, I always felt the minimum we would get from this game was at least one point, However, Lottery is in the meaning of the word, so when my keeper comes to collect a ball that was 70/30 in his favour to lose his footing due to the state of the pitch, this not only leaving him floored, but seeing the Prestwich player gifted the easiest of goals by passing the ball into the back of the net, not only floored our keeper but floored the rest of us, for this to happen in such a tight game when the next goal was vitally important, was soul destroying for everyone connected with Bacup Borough to see, I credit their third goal which was a terrific strike, but in my honest opinion the damage was already done when my boys agreed to play on a pitch not fit for football “


Managers Comments: Impressive Win Brings Togetherness.


Following Bacup Borough’s three points on Merseyside and a Matthew Bryan Brace we spoke to the Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters who had this to say “ I was highly delighted with our over haul performance more so when you consider we had no fewer than six players missing from the squad and two players going into this game with niggles having played less than forty eight hours sooner on a difficult heavy pitch against AFC Blackpool “ Peters commented “ how on earth there was no goals at the break especially going our way was beggars belief, we had seven really good opportunities which failed mainly due to their keeper being fortunate on the day and by him doing his job well, Peters went on “ both half’s we started well producing some excellent football but one unfortunate miss guided pass resulted in us going behind, credit though to the boys, particular Matthew Bryan to whom was being supplied well from Jordan Wilmore, James Constantine and Rico Stewart, the equaliser from Matthew Bryan was executed with sheer quality and precision, at the opposite end of the pitch despite both carrying knocks Adrian Bellamy and Markell Foulds marshalled the defence well restricting St Helens to nothing but scraps. Peters Finished by saying “ When Matthew Bryan got his head onto the ball following a corner scoring our winner, the scenes of togetherness of all the lads when this goal went in, will live with me for a very long time “



Managers Comments: Not Our Day

Oswestry 2- Bacup Borough 0
Bacup Borough’s Media Officer Matthew Lawson Spoke To The Bacup Manager Who Had This To Say.

“ Sometimes in football you don’t get what you deserve, and sometimes in football you have to hold your hands up to the opposition who on this occasion deservedly slightly had the upper hand and with it got the three points, Peters added “ to be perfectly honest our performance may not have reached the outstanding heights that we reached in the first half against Chadderton the previous week, but never the less we played well enough to have come away with something, we did create numerous opportunities, I would not put down to bad misses, more fortunate for the opposition, it was one of those games when everything seemed to fall in favor of Oswestry, be this decisions, be this the rub of the green, be this in their defending, this in contrast with us, no matter what we did or how hard we worked, or how many efforts we had, it just was not happening on the day, I am not in any way taking anything away from our opponents, they themselves were good on the day, they got the breaks we did not, the only break we got was the club car breaking down on route just outside Bury, and Ben Rhodes father coming to the rescue in getting us there with the kit, balls and first aid equipment, certainly no breaks where it mattered on the football pitch “


Managers Reaction: Bacup Borough v Chadderton

Bacup Borough 4- Chadderton-3

Following the game Matthew Lawson Bacup Boroughs Media Spoke To The Bacup Manager Brent Peters Who Had This To Say

“ I would much prefer people to be talking about the scintillating team performance of the first forty five minutes, rather than the negative statements, that we almost threw the points away in the second half, Peters commented “ this was our 4th game in ten days winning two and losing two, the cup game at Prestwich four days earlier was an high tempo game, played on a really heavy surface, in this game against Chadderton the West View Pitch disintegrated badly, with it so did our energy levels longer the game was going, this due to having put so much into a forty five minutes that must rank up there with the best entertaining, attacking performances within my twenty years with the football club and a pitch cutting up badly, Peters added “ our composure on the ball from the back and through midfield was a real pleasure to see, the link up play which at times was produced with one touch passing and good movement, intelligent switching of play, coupled with unselfish play around the box, which brought with it four excellent first half goals was good on the eye, this forty five minutes made me feel so proud of the boys.

“ Captain Adrian Bellamy showed great composure to open up the scoring, the build up from back to front for our second goal, the vision of debutant Rico Stewart to Matthew Barlow to whom picked out Matthew Bryan who was then complimented by excellent running from Josh Walne to whom Matty picked out for Josh to finish, this really was a means to an end at its best, then another debutant Nathan Tayo started the move for our third goal which Anthony Hall’s movement giving Chadderton a real problem, before releasing Matthew Bryan to finish well, then there was our fourth goal from which the compliment of the third goal was reversed with Matthew Bryan’s movement also creating lots of problems before releasing Anthony Hall to also get himself on the score sheet. Peters added “ believe me this really was football at its best”

So what went wrong in the second half Matthew Lawson asks.

Peters commented “ Several reasons, Peters added “ whilst it should not happen, inevitably It happened that some players felt the job was done, after such a demanding few days on heavy surfaces some players dropped their work ethics, you then have a team as in this case Chadderton who no doubt will have been told at the break to give it a good go because they have nothing to lose and all to gain, then straight away you have miss matches, one teams players thinking their work has been done, the other team realising they have not yet started could then make a recipe for a disaster. Peters went on “ I must give Chadderton a lot of credit for their efforts in the second half, they really did show their Management a terrific attitude, this said if Anthony Hall puts his effort away early into the second half, I do believe this really would have finished Chadderton, the fact they themselves did get an early goal, this helped them gain more belief, Peters said “ had we have managed the game a whole lot better by sitting in, I really could not in my wildest dreams see them getting back into this game, however a lack of management from the players by still pushing further looking for more goals, was our down fall, Chadderton would get the ball forward early, some of my players trying to recover was running in quick sand on a decimated pitch leaving us out numbered at the defensive area of the pitch.

Peters finished by saying “The lads were brilliant in the first half, Naïve in the second half, we are a young talented side that going forward will now learn from this experience “


Managers Reaction: It Was A Good Effort From My Boys

Following Bacup Borough’s Exit from the FA VASE The Bacup Manager Brent Peters had this to Say.

“When the draw was made I was under no illusion just how difficult this game was going to be, Charnock Richard are a good strong side that achieved Promotion, this season doing well in the Premier Division proving to be clinical at the top end of the pitch, going into this game against a defence that did come under a lot of criticism from me the week previous, Peters added “ whilst progressing in this lucrative competition was important, my initial main concern was following a week of intense work leading up to this game was had we improved has a defending unit, Pleasingly we had, we were more focused on winning our personal battles especially when it came to set pieces, although this said from their three goals we still managed to concede from a corner on their second goal, Peters added “ whilst their lad must be credited for a powerful header I must question his marker who was one of my striker’s, I am sure if it was the chance of an header to score a goal, I am sure my striker would show plenty of aggression in order to achieve this, so equally I expect the same hunger and desire defensively to prevent a goal, this he failed to do, given the fact there was not any miss-match in height or physicality my player has no excuse, it basically showed for me a lack of desire, “ Peters went on “ this game for sixty five minutes could have gone either way, there was really nothing between the two sides, when Charnock Richard did break through our rear guard our Keeper Josh Harris was sharp, bright, he took up good starting positions with this was ever so reliable on the day with some excellent goal keeping, at the opposite end whilst we worked ourselves into some excellent positions, surprisingly in the final third our final pass was sloppy from which frustratingly we would too many times give the ball away even on the simplest of passes, this obviously put us on the back foot, once again putting ourselves under unnecessary pressure, our Tre-Carmichael -Baldwin Willis was extremely unlucky in us not taking the lead with a superb strike that rattled the bar   Peters went on “ It was ironic that when I introduced Matthew Barlow to whom used all his experience, taking up excellent positions and making us play even more at a time in the game when we was having our best spell of completed passes, when we seemed the most likely to take the lead for us to concede, this opening goal of the game should never have happened as easy has it did, when their lad went around my left sided player he should have been covered by my left sided defender, he was not and was addressed by myself at full time, Peters added “ there was no excuse from my left sided defender, this is a basics from which he failed in his duties which disappointed me “ Peters added “ It could be said “ if only “ if only we had defended correctly in a simple cover procedure at a time we was really starting to find their gaps, exploiting those gaps, I am sure we would have gone onto break the deadlock, despite the fact there was still twenty two minutes to go, I could see the confidence drain out of certain players on conceding that goal and then when we allow their lad to double their score line from a free header, there was no way back, Peters said” it was a good effort from my boys, the margins were fine, it was never a three goal game but credit to Charnock Richard they grabbed their opportunities to deservedly go through, they are a good side with good people at their club, I wish them every success in the next round “