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Brent’s View on Steeton Game.

Bacup Borough Manager had this to say “ I am not interested in the overhaul score line, I am more interested in the individual performances of the players that participated, it was important I did give the trialist on show enough minutes to make or break them, It was important I could see the varying players on show placed into two different shapes, so to this end I thank Steeton FC for the game, it proved to be a good work out for us but it also told me a lot about the players on show hence the reason for the game, Peters added “ There was excellent in it, there was good in it, there was not so good in it, and there was the unacceptable in it, everything we can take away, analyse and work on, so I was well pleased that we got this game in which served its purpose, Peters said “ our problem in the first game, the midfield would take too many touches, ending up in a battle and coming out second best, this in contrast to the midfield unit in the second game who looked to get onto the ball but moved the ball quickly in a pass and move progression, this got us playing which was helped when our central striker dropped in taking the ball in using other players and runners running in behind, this movement certainly did not happen in the first game has we would stay high which ended up where our forwards were in a battle, a battle they lost, Peters added” it is important we drop into pockets and have movement everywhere, Peters added “ I was disappointed that we conceded two free kicks by indiscipline defending, this inevitably did lead to us conceding two goals from set pieces, players for how athletic they maybe, they need to stay on their feet and not make rash challenges. Peters finished by saying “ the fact I played two teams, two different shapes it was there for all to see what the contrasting differences were between the two Bacup sides so to this end the game served its purpose in every way, I thank SteetonFC for the game and their hospitality “