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Match Report: Bacup Borough v St Helens

Bacup Borough 1- St Helens 1

Bacup Borough left it late to secure a share of the points with an Adrian Bellamy injury time equaliser, but it could have been a different outcome had Johnathan Thompson converted an early first half penalty.

Bacup started brightly and soon won themselves a free kick some twenty five yards out when Some good footwork by Michael Gervin was too much for the Saints rear guard, Johnathan Thompson stepped up to take onto goal which the St Helens keeper collected high and just under his cross bar, Bacup had another excellent opportunity when Michael Gervin switched the ball from right to left into the path of Luke Podmore to whom found striker Artoms Butorins from which the keeper was equal to his effort.

Aaron Ashley

Aaron Ashley

St Helens themselves earned a free kick deep into their half, their centre back saw the Bacup keeper off his line which prompted him to send a long shot but the alert Aaron Ashley in the Bacup goal did take with ease.

The best chance of the half for any team to take the lead did fall to Bacup, Butorins headed the ball into the space behind him, the alert Michael Gervin did read the header getting himself onto the ball from which he drove into the penalty area, his quick feet proved too much for the Saints defender which inevitably did lead to the Referee awarding Bacup a penalty, up stepped Thompson but the Saints keeper telegraphed the shot to produce a save keeping the score at nil nil.

The Penalty miss not surprising seemed to affect Johnathan Thompson’s confidence when on Bacup’s next move where some quality football was produced before the ball was switched to Thompson to whom produced a weak effort from which St Helens ended up breaking by going long, thankfully for Bacup Kyle Hendley racing towards his own goal did manage to get enough on the ball to put out for a corner which Bacup did defend.

Bacup earned another free kick inside the St Helens half, but it was easily defended against, with more pressure coming from St Helens from which the Merseyside did win a corner, it was from their corner that Bacup cleared up to Thompson to whom spotted debutant Thomas Coulson making a blind side run, Thompson found Coulson to whom did keep the ball moving up to Luke Podmore but his first time effort went agonisingly over the bar.

St Helens always dangerous on the break almost got themselves in again following a Bacup attack, one long ball got themselves into the heart of the Bacup defence which should really have got the visitors into the lead.

Then following some excellent football once again from Bacup coming from Butorins, dropping in, and getting onto the ball before playing in runners.

With Half time on the horizon, Bacup’s Ryan Alessandra almost gifted St Helens the chance to take the league by allowing the ball to bounce, from which then the ball was knocked goal bound from which the Bacup keeper produced another excellent save.

On forty three minutes Bacup’s Ryan Alessandra got onto the ball down Bacup’s left, he drove into the box beating several Saints players, the unfortunate situation Ryan did take too many touches, he lost the ball, with several defenders around him, the ball was knocked long, once again Bacup Borough’s set up was wrong, this time no let off has the visitors did shoot themselves into an half time lead.


Darcy O’Connor


The story of the second half seemed to be all about the official than about both sides, constantly he was stop starting the game not allowing the game to flow, much to the frustration of both teams to which Bacup players received five cautions, one a second yellow which did see the dismissal of Darcy O’Connor, St Helens suffered six bookings, ten bookings in total in a game that never produced a bad challenge must tell its own story, if this was not bad enough the official then turned

his attention towards the Bacup technical area, when bizarrely the Bacup Manager Brent Peters himself was told to remove


Brent Celebrates Goal

himself from the technical area, this action brought the Referee some justified unsavoury comments from the Bacup faithful, this action came from a situation both the Referee and Assistant was down the line some sixty five yards from where the Bacup Manager was, Peters was allegedly removed for a passing comment, with the Bacup Manager now having taken up his vantage point outside the ground but in view of all what was going on, it was minutes later when the official did reduce Bacup to ten men with the dismissal of Darcy O’Connor, this was due to the player in question clapping the Referee’s decision, from which the official deemed to being sarcastic and off he went, this was not the end, when Bacup’s Coach Ferre Edwards was next to be dismissed for asking the official a question, Edwards joined his Manager in what was a bizarre second half situation, with one Coach left in the Bacup technical Area, Andrew Barlow, he had to make a plea to the several supporters situated around the Bacup dug out area in order to refrain from shouting anything towards the Referee has it was bringing attention to the dugout area from the official and highly likely someone else would be removed.



Adrian Bellamy

Despite the fact that Bacup were reduced to ten men, St Helens were struggling to handle the pace of Ashley Leather to whom continually would be supplying crosses, his pace and energy suddenly became a problem for St Helens which it was inevitable with the amount of free kicks Leather was winning for his side, it was only a matter of time before the equaliser would come, with the clock ticking, well into injury time, Leather once again was brought down, a free kick was awarded on the main stand side from which Leather stepped up to take, his quality ball in was met with the head of Adrian Bellamy, himself just back from a three match ban, Leather sent the ball into the area, there to meet the ball was the head of Adrian Bellamy with a bullet header into the net, much to the delight of the Bacup faithful, none more than Manager Brent Peters to whom had this to say ” See Managers Reaction.