Following Bacup Borough’s Away Victory At Daisy Hill The Bacup Manager Brent Peters Had This To Say


In the first forty five minutes we were so much in control it was blatantly obvious that once the Daisy Hill Management Team got their side in at the break it would be a completely different story in the second half, to this end it was important we put them to the sword in the first half whilst we was in so much  control, Peters added “ possession wise, creating opportunities we were streets ahead, however given the positions we had worked, given the space and opportunities we had, we really should have ensured the game was so far out of reach before half time, that any changes they did make at the break would be futile,  Peters said “ the ball from Darcy O’Connor which created our opening goal was an excellent piece of play and pass, equally helped by a good positive run from Matthew Dell who still had a lot to do before finding the net, that finish from Matty was just reward for the hard work the boy always gives what ever position he plays,  I felt sorry for my defender Davison Banda for not scoring when the boy intercepted a Daisy Hill threat before a couple of positive inter passing from him before going forward that saw him drive towards the penalty area, but for the Daisy Hill post  Banda would have started and finished what would have been an exceptional individual goal, another highlight for me was the intelligence and tempo for us to get our second goal, a quick short corner to Michael Gervin was then lofted to the head of Adrian Bellamy who made no mistake, Peters went on “ Watching the football we produced in the first half really impressed me, the disappointment was our  in ability to be clinical and ruthless in front of goal,  Peters said “ we all know two goals is not a comfortable score line, we also knew that Daisy Hill would be changing something in order to get themselves a foothold back into this game, so when I hear comments of  Bacup dropped off in the second half is showing disrespect to our opponents and the changes they made in order to ensure this game was not going to end in a rout in favour of us, Peters added credit to Daisy Hill they changed, they got amongst us more restricting the freedom we had in the first half, Peters went on, “ despite this I never felt in any trouble, we all know goals change a players mind set, equally goals can change the way the game is going, despite Daisy Hills effort, I always felt  we was in control but we was not allowed by our opponents to play at a tempo we would like, Daisy Hill must be credited for that, I felt  they got lucky with their goal, a scramble in the box and managed to get the ball over the line, my disappointment with this goal, just prior we was in control on the half way line, our player decides to take too many players on, lost the ball which they sent the ball long leading to the goal we most definitely did not  want to concede, Peters added “ it is situations like this, irrespective of how talented an individual might be, we must game manage situations better, the pitch was cutting up the longer the game was going on which makes it more difficult for the technical gifted skilful player, this was the reason why I decided to replace Michael Gervin with Josh Walne, checking, drag backs, turning, does not work on a surface that was deteriorating, Horses for courses springs to mind, Peters finished by saying “ Like every organised team we have adopted a team shape, within that team shape all players have roles and responsibilities, both in and out of possession, these rolls and responsibilities are constantly worked on with the boys, the pleasing aspect being, in the main they are responding well to their instructions, this is one of many reasons we are third in the form guide, so before comments are passed from the isolated paying spectator’s giving conflicting instructions from the side, I would advise they first of all accustom themselves with the shape and rolls and responsibilities both myself and our hugely experienced Coach Dave Felgate are drilling into the boys in order to get results, then we will all be singing from the same song sheet, it is not about what anyone else thinks should happen, it is what we insist happens whilst we are in charge is what matters “