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MATCH REACTION: Alsager Vs Bacup

Referee’ Apologises For His  Decision Which costs Borough The Points   Alsager 3- 0 Bacup Borough

By Matthew Lawson

Following the game I spoke to the dejected Bacup Manager Brent   Peters, Who had this to say

           “  Football is such a wonderful game but equally it can be such a cruel game, this we found out at Alsager, Peters said “ having beaten New Mills just forty hours sooner we faced a strong Alsager Side having only suffered the odd defeat, our boys were buoyant, confident  and really looking  forward to the contest, Peters added “ the boys started the game really well and to be fair they did continue their impressive positive play throughout, despite being on the wrong side of some mindboggling decisions, none more than right on the half time whistle, Peters added “ their opening goal was riddled with grappling, kicking, basically turning to any means in order to force the ball over the goal line, Peters explained “ this transpired when the ball was crossed up the bye line which was right onto my centre backs Daniel Davies head, slight error of judgement rom our keeper by attempting to take over the top of Daniel, when in hindsight maybe the instruction should have been head away, Daniel ended up on the floor with the keeper on top and the ball loose, from this a massive free for all in an attempt to either clear the ball or in this case forcing the ball over the line, Peters added “ Daniel Davies in all of this suffered concussion and did go into shock forcing a substitution, Peters went on “ in an attempt to force he ball over the line, it was literally brute, force and then ignorance from the young official, Peters said “ Obviously I was not happy the official ignored this but not too despondent has we Really was the better of the two sides, with this I felt it was only a matter of time before we would score, the next goal was massive, Peters added “ it was all but half time when Davison Banda was assaulted right in front of the assistant, Peters added “ given the time of the year accustomed to Halloween, call it freak, call it Horror, call it what you want but when the official To the surprise of everyone including their bench, after he had spoken to Davison Banda, he Unbelievably awarded the free kick to our host, “ Peters fumed “ Rather than the ball going Forward into our opponents area, the ball was with quality put across our box to be finished with a quality header, Peters fumed “ a total injustice and a real bitter pill to swallow when Seconds later the half time whistle went and the Referee having heard his Assistant, their  Bench and all of our team stating it should have been our kick, I have to accept his sincereApology whilst our hosts really could not believe their luck, Peters explained “ it really was an Injustice, whilst there was still forty five minutes to go, that goal absolutely killed the game, Peters said “ I really cannot praise my lads enough for the way they still had a right good go in The second half, they showed terrific character, even Alsager’s third goal had luck written all over it  when late in the half a deep cross eluded our keeper curling in at the far post. Peters Finished by saying “ In games when teams bleat about Refereeing decisions, people generally just throw a deaf one treating it as an excuse but in this case it genuinely was a massive costly decision that he got wrong, an apology instead of the points is certainly NOT what we travelled to Alsager for “