Bacup Borough FC is proud to announce that it is about to move into an exciting new phase in its illustrious history. From 12 noon on Monday June 17th 2013 the club will be changing its name to Bacup of Rossendale Boro FC. The club, founded in 1875, has only changed its name once previously when it added ‘Borough’ to its previous title of Bacup FC in 1920. Boro were formed before any of the other Rossendale Valley clubs that went on to enjoy semi-professional status. They have watched as Rossendale United (1898), Whitworth Valley and Haslingden have all either folded or dropped out of semi-professional football, most recently observing the sad demise of Rossendale United in 2011 which left them as the ‘last man standing’ in the Valley.

The club are mindful of its new responsibility to be the flag bearers for Rossendale football going forwards. The demographics of Rossendale show that the area has a population of 68,000, which is 14,000 more than Accrington and only 4,000 less than Burnley, clearly enough to support a club playing in the Football League. To achieve its ambitions the club needs to reach out across the whole of its catchment area and to make sure the public realise that it is a club representing the whole of Rossendale and not just Bacup. For the business community of Rossendale and beyond it is another indication that we mean business and can offer them a good return on their investment for involvement with us across the whole of the Rossendale catchment area. For our supporters it shows that we are serious about the ambitions we have shown to move up the football pyramid rapidly. For those that do not currently watch us regularly, some of whom might have previously been followers of the aforementioned clubs, this is a call to join us and help us build a truly inclusive club of which the whole of Rossendale can be proud to call its own.

The clubs new crest is shown above. The title of the club is ‘Boro’ rather than ‘Borough’ to reflect its historic nickname. The parts of the badge represent Cotton, Forestry, Wildlife in Rossendale and Industry. The centre piece of the crest ‘1875 BBFC 2013’ preserves the clubs old identity for posterity. The clubs new motto ‘Prosperity Through Endeavour’ reflects the hard work that will be needed if we are to achieve the bright future that we all seek.

The club will be holding a Press Day on Monday June 17th at 12pm at the Brian Boys West View Stadium. At that time the clubs new playing strips for season 2013/14 will be unveiled along with new signage. The new club website, Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts will also go live under their new titles at that time. There will also be an exciting range of new merchandise available for purchase and supporters are welcome to attend the launch.

Business Development Executive Dave Edler warmly welcomed the new development: “For this club to progress we have to widen our fan base and take the whole of Rossendale with us. The club has a proud history and recent achievements in the past ten years have been phenomenal. However, there is no doubt that the club can achieve even more going forward if the whole of the valley comes in behind us. We wanted to make it clear that we are ‘their’ club. As the custodians of football in Rossendale we have a huge responsibility to ensure that this club does not follow the same route as the other semi-professional clubs and fall by the wayside. We are Rossendale’s flag bearers now and we have to move forwards or we will stagnate.  This change will we hope be the impetus for us to have a great season in 2013/14 as we start what we hope will be a progression up the leagues in the years ahead”.

Boro boss Brent Peters had this to say: “When the National League system came prominently into focus whereby teams can be promoted into the Football League and equally Football League clubs being relegated out of the Football League, whilst this was a positive move as it showed a means to an end, nevertheless in order to be a part of this clubs must now show their ambition. To realise any ambition this will come at a cost. The clubs that are not equipped for this have either sadly gone out of existence, or they have had to make a decision of whilst keeping their identity they have stepped out of the pyramid and gone into an amateur League. The clubs that show they want to be operating within the national pyramid, then without doubt they must ensure they change their entire ethos from an amateur club to one which must move with the times. In order to do this, development must take place and this comes at a cost. Funds must be raised and in order to achieve this then the whole profile of the club must change. With this and the fact that we are Rossendale Valley’s senior football club, to enable us to bring the club into the community of Rossendale and in turn bring the community to the club, then a major step forward to achieve this is to bring the name of Rossendale into the Bacup Boro banner”.


Peters added: “Following a lot of soul searching, discussions with some very important people of which some have been excellent ambassadors over the years, from the discussions did come Bacup of Rossendale Boro, a title that is nothing short of a win, win title. We are Bacup, we are from Rossendale Boro and by the fact people will always say ‘Come on the Boro’ does mean with some significance that our first name still remains, as does our last name of Boro.

The mere fact of introducing the title of Rossendale does with great significance make the club a lot bigger commercial proposition, something that can only ensure the future betterment of our football club, a club not only representing Bacup but that of every town situated within the boundaries of the Rossendale Valley”.

Peters concluded: “During my time Accrington Stanley, Fleetwood Town and Morecambe have gone from where we sit today within the pyramid to becoming a Football League club. This is not in the realms of being impossible as shown by the clubs mentioned. If we are to get anywhere near where those teams have progressed to, then without doubt this inclusion of Rossendale is the first major step in many that will hopefully see us reach our goal and with it secure the long term future of our club. I would like to thank the The Football Association, The Lancashire FA and the North West Counties Football League who have all had to agree to enable this to take place. ”



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