Bacup Build Partnership with Perrys of Nelson.

Bacup Borough Football Club Build Partnership with Perrys of Nelson.

New Car Perrys (2)Bacup Borough are pleased to announce that Perrys of Nelson have agreed to a partnership with Bacup Borough Football Club and Perrys of Nelson are happy to be making a substantial commitment into grassroots football.

Fran Eyer, Branch Manager and Robert Walsh, Sales Executive for Perrys worked with Andrew Walker to secure the partnership with Bacup Borough Football.

Perrys continued, our commitment is not just about the brand we sell or that of Bacup Borough Football Club and their standing within the Community, our commitment is to help and support grassroots football progress, Bacups newly formed youth teams for 2015/16 season is very much something we warmed to and from this we were more than happy with our commitment with them.

Perrys will also continue contributing towards Bacup Borough on a ‘referral offer’ upon the presentation of a voucher available from Bacup Borough, also offer attractive deals on new and used model car’s for anyone that wishes to purchase one, this partnership is about everyone benefitting, the community, Bacup Borough FC, & Perrys of Neslon.

Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters said “I am both proud & privileged with the contribution of Perrys of Nelson, their input which can be in many different ways and not just financial is of vital importance to the football club, however it must be said that this must not be a one way agreement, at Bacup Borough every effort is made to support every organisation that supports & contributes towards us, Like all of our partners Perrys have been fantastic to work with, just like Bacup Borough Football Club, their brands are known country wide with a brilliant reputation, it gives me real pleasure that they have agreed to be a part of everything we want to achieve both in the development of our club in order to maintain that Bacup Borough Football Club are a major player within our footballing Community”

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