Boys Gain Point From The Jaws Of A Defeat

The Bacup Manager Brent Peters had this to say “ Credit must go to the team by the fact that their never give up attitude got them a valuable point, however once again this game was another example of Bacup Borough gifting goals, this, and not by the fact that the opposition are carving us open, this is just not the case, and has not been the case in every game we have played to date, this is why it is so frustrating has we are our own worst enemies, Peters added “ take their opening goal with one minute on the clock, the decision to go home to our keeper was bonkers, this is a player who is comfortable on the ball, if he turns away there was options to hit the channel or stay on the ball himself, Golker have not had to work for that goal, it was a gift, their second goal, in my opinion the Referee was conned, their lad seemed to have over run the ball, but as gentle a touch it was from Ross on their lads back, it was enough for the official to give them a penalty, their second penalty I do not have an issue with the decision the referee made, however I do have a problem with my defender by the way it was committed, so all three goals really could have been avoided, Peters added “ in terms of two of our goals, we have had to work hard for, something that is in contrast to their goals, one could say we also had to work hard for our equaliser has Matthew Bryan had drove himself into that position in the box where the infringement did take place, every credit to Matthew, not just his run, but by the fact it was a pressure penalty given the time left and the result at that time, Peters added “ I was glad for Lowis Holding getting such an important goal, the boy has not had the best of times lately, so hopefully that goal will give him a boost to hopefully kick on, Peters finished by saying “ Wednesday against Shelly we looked very good and extremely solid but we did not get what we deserved, in this game we did not reach the levels of our overhaul performance we did against Shelly but we thankfully got something from this game and maybe did not deserve it, but that is football and we are truly grateful, but credit to the boys for not letting their heads drop in order to gain a point from the jaws of a defeat “