Brent Peters Christmas Message To The Nation – NEWLY UPDATED

With HRH The Queen too busy filming her next Bond movie, this year the Christmas Message To The Nation comes from His Royal Highness The Duke of Brent:-

On the Eve of Christmas Day two varying differing requests did come my way. The first was from my daughter to attend Midnight Mass, something embarrassingly I can say I have never done before. The next request was to write a light hearted message for our website, the fact that this is the time of the year for giving and receiving I agreed to both.
We all think of Christmas as being a happy time, sharing things together with our families and close friends. Well, on this Christmas Day we should all share a special thought for all the families that have lost a loved one, for those families that are normally united as one, then today, this very special family day there is that very special person missing having been received from heaven above. Today we should all share a special moment for all those grieving families at this very celebratory but what also can be a difficult time.
Here within the Bacup Borough family we have all had a bad year in terms of losing someone close. Our special thoughts go out to the families of Craig Simpson, Arron Kirk, Debra O’Connor, the late Bryan Herbert’s family, my cousin’s Barry & Karen nee stevens and anyone else I have forgotten. The fact also I have lost both my parents in the short space of eighteen months, with mum passing away in October, so today there is one massive void for me.
Lets us also think about those to whom have loved ones out there in the front line of battle leaving behind young families that must worry as every minute of every hour that does pass, praying that they will return home safe. Then we must also remember the ones that sadly have been killed in their line of duty, today this Christmas Day whilst being happy and jolly all of our thoughts are for absent friends and families.
Life goes on, so I will now take a light hearted view of the past and going into the present:-
Last Christmas who would have thought come May Bacup Borough would be the proud holders of the NWCFL Challenge Cup. This was a magnificent achievment with such a young side that produced some excellent football along the way, with this defeating some very good sides in Runcorn Linnets, Barnoldswick and then from this producing a breath taking Cup Final Performance that became a fitting moment to see a truly top lad in Club Captain Davey Luker being presented with the NWCFL premier cup.
The preceding months from December were not without well documented issues of postponed matches, a game against Colne which never took place, resulting in a collision course with our peers from the leagues Management Committee. Just to lay any demons to rest, I will once again go on record and stress this situation had nothing at all to do with regard to any problems with the West View playing surface, the simple truth there are no problems with the drains, never has been. Our problem was what Wigan Robin Park are currently encountering, a successful FA Vase run interrupted by bad weather to which they have now not kicked a ball for five weeks. My heart goes out to them because if they are not careful, they will have the same problem that we did encounter.
Going forward only last week in the month of December almost the entire nationwide non league programme was wiped out due to extreme wet weather, again I will say is it now the right time to run the Non League season between March and November? Whilst I agree it may not be easy to implement but on the face of the playing surface, the weather, the attendances all being better during these months, then it really does have a strong argument.
Boxing Day will see us having a meeting with the Saints. Saints? Christmas? Is this not the season to which it is giving? Sharing? Goodwill to all men? Then all things being equal the Saints should be somewhat kind to us, giving? Yes giving us the game, sharing? Well ok we will take a draw, or goodwill to all men? Yes St Helen’s can show Bacup Borough plenty of goodwill but believe you me, St Helen’s and Bacup Borough have met on many occasion over the years, it is always a tough competitive game, Boxing Day will be no different, anything we get will have to be rightfully earned.
We at Bacup Borough have plenty of football to look forward to as we head towards the New Year, a second Cup Semi Final in as many seasons, this time around the Lancashire FA Coop Trophy. In addition we are still defending the trophy we proudly won, the League Challenge Cup, with a lot of exciting developments both on and off the pitch headed by our Business Development Guru David Edler. There will continue to be new ambitions and new Horizons as we build hopefully a successful Commodity for the valley of Rossendale to be proud of.
Christmas time is a time of forgiving, so I (only for this day) forgive all of those officials that have got those big decisions wrong( and there are plenty). Those officials that decide that the playing surface is heavy so physical contact can now be acceptable when clearly this would not be allowed on a nice firm playing surface. I forgive those officials that think that respect is a one way street, one way by the fact we must show respect to them, but they disrespect us Managers and believe me they are out there.
Christmas is a time when we must forgive so called supporters that identify a player, isolate him for crititism that does nothing for the player in question but destroy his confidence to the detrimental effect this not only has on the individual, but also the team. We must forgive(for one day only) those working as part of a coaching or Management Team that have been going behind the back of the Manager and putting a big knife in his back, this to manipulate a position of authority for themselves( and there are plenty of them). We must forgive us Managers that have at times got their decisions wrong, be that team selection or substitutions, we must forgive those that walk away with no regrets because someone immediately does not jump to their tune. We must forgive the players to whom have extracted the truth as to why they were not available for selection. We must forgive those Chairmen out there and their fellow Directors, that identify their Manager but do not stand by him in good or bad. Remember a marriage is in sickness and in health, turn this into football, sickness is doing bad, in health is doing good, so Mr Chairmen and fellow Directors, identify, source, appoint & then stick together through thick and thin, through good and through bad, after all football is a marriage in which too many of you listen to the wrong people, make the wrong decisions, that inevitably push your club backwards whilst other clubs prosper. I am sure Padiham will go along with this looking at their season to date, these issues are part of the whacky world of the greatest game ever. Yes, football. May I take this opportunity of Wishing all of my staff and their families, past and present a really happy Christmas and with it a big thank you all for your help and support to the Bacup Borough family in what has been a really difficult testing twelve months,
Merry Christmas.

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