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Brent Peters Personal Tribute To Brian Boys

Brent Peters Personal Tribute
Brian Boys – 03-10-1936 – 03-10-2017 ( 81 )
When I joined Bacup Borough Football Club in September of the year 1997 I realised the Football Club did not have any identity with a local business, commonly known these days, that of an official partner, I soon found out that Brian, the Chairman and Founder of B&E Boys, a professionally run successful business, was himself brought up in Bacup, this made me realise what a perfect fit this could be, so I set up a meeting with Brian, the rest is history.
B & E Boys later to become Boys, by the guidance of Brian accepted my invitation to become an Official Partner of Bacup Borough Football Club, I was & will always be, both proud and privileged to be associated with not only a respected well established family business but equally to be able to call upon the help, advice and guidance of Brian Boys, to have Brian’s ear was invaluable to me.
Such is the manner of the man Brian was, that twenty years on to present day Boys has a company still play a massive part in the Football Clubs history, a named stadium after the great man himself, the Boys brand logo on the front of not only our senior team shirts but that of all our youth teams shirts, Bacup Borough Football Club are proud to be Boys from which I will ensure Brian Boys Legacy will remain always.
No words other than Great Man can I find to describe Brian, not just because of his help and advice he has provided too me and the Football Club, but the work and support he and his company over the years have provided to other Community groups and Charities, his commitment to the Rossendale Valley in particular Bacup a town he was brought up in, the manner in which he has supported other individuals that have gone into Business themselves, Brian where ever possible has been on hand to give them an helping hand, employment he has provided to many people over many years, his support to Burnley Football Club.
Brian, very much a family man, his sons Michael, Peter and John are a real credit to their late father, their partners and their Children, will all suffer the pain, the pain we are all suffering since the great man’s passing.
Brian, you were a truly great man in every sense of the word, when people say there would not be a Bacup Borough Football Club but for Brent Peters, I say there would not be a Bacup Borough Football Club but for the backing of Brian and the Boys, to this end, I thank you for being you, I thank you for being there for us, we will all miss you, where ever you are watching over us, your name will remain with us “ Brian Boys West View Stadium”
Good Night God Bless Brian, we are so blessed to have been associated with you.
Brent Peters.