Brent’s Reaction to Parkgate Thriller

Bacup and Rossendale Borough manager Brent Peters had this to say following the eight goal thriller in South Yorkshire.


“It never gets any easier being a manager, following the analysing of our previous games in which we have dominated teams, created chances but just not been clinical in front of goal. In defence we have looked solid to a point and that point being certain individuals have made uncharacteristic mistakes or to be more precise decisions that we have been punished and from this cost us the game.”


Peters added “Taking all of these situations of previous I had little option with player option I had to pick from but to shuffle the pack in order to see if I could come up with the ideal situation of converting our chances into goals and also hopefully cutting out the bad decisions coming from defenders.”


Peters then went on “The fact that we scored four goals away from home, the most goals in any game we have played this season proved going forward my decisions were justified, however I wish I could say the same at the back, the fact we had a two goal cushion on three occasions, then to lose that cushion not once but three times I must question not only my defenders but also the midfield.”


“Players when we were in defensive situations, no way should what did happen, happen and once again ahead of our Wednesday’s replay must I yet again take stock of the whole situation.”

Peters added “We may have talented footballers when in possession but not only yesterday but in previous games we do not seem to have that aggressive ruthlessness when out of possession and sadly I have to say it was rank bad defending, a mixture of that lacking of ruthlessness aggressiveness, but also lacking was leadership in taking authority by organisation.”

Peters said “At 4-4 going into extra time and having used all of our substitutes and then reduced to ten men due to Luke Morgan having to go to hospital with a bad ankle injury, did mean we could very easily have lost the game, however credit to the ten men they stayed together in order to bring the game back to Bacup and keep us in the hat.”

Peters said “Two goals from Parkgate were through needless fouls which resulted in free-kicks against and again I must give credit to the quality of their deliveries off set pieces, they were dropped into an area which made it difficult for a keeper but did give their side the opportunity to go and attack the ball, this they did and this they did twice.”

Peters added “Once may be, twice we have not learned and have not competed.”

Peters warned “This game is nowhere near over with, we must be prepared and must be ready, and do not be surprised for further changes as this situation is most certainly not acceptable when leading three times with two goal cushions.”


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