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Ghost Fever Goes National

As the story ‘Ghosts force football club name change’ broke in local newspaper Rossendale Free, I don’t think anyone saw what was to happen over the next 48 hours.

People seemed to be intrigued by the spooky story from the moment it was posted on social media, whether they thought it was rubbish or that they saw beyond that, it was attracting big attention.

After appearing in the Manchester Evening News, having an interview with the Non-League Paper but the pinnacle of the club’s publicity on the story was when Talk Sport got in touch wanting Bacup & Rossendale Borough manager Brent Peters to go on Hawksbee and Jacobs’ 1-4 slot. The radio station which is listened to nationally and worldwide was great exposure for a club such as ourselves. You can listen to it here, listen from 22:24 in

Incredibly it also featured in The Sun newspaper on Thursday which is read nationally daily so that surprised us all also.

Finally the club can confirm that as of next season we will be resorting back to BACUP BOROUGH FOOTBALL CLUB.