Hill: ‘We Need To Be More Ruthless’

In the absence of Brent Peters, Head of Development Andy Hill gives his views on last nights win at Nelson:

“Anyone that has ever had anything to do with Bacup Borough Football club is aware of the influence and inspiration its manager Brent Peters has on its football team. With the manager’s absence due to personal reasons his personality and influence being missing on the night could have had a negative impact on the outcome of this game.

With this in mind I must give credit to the players on how they initially went about their task against a determined Nelson side that never gave in and kept going right to the end. For the first thirty minutes of this game it’s fair to say we were in total control but once again the frustrating thing was the inability to convert our superiority into a match winning situation and not for the first time we were guilty of missing good goal scoring opportunities.

However I do think we took our eye of the ball and started to get complacent and sloppy within the remaining fifteen minutes of the first half. The complacency and sloppiness was also evident in our play during the second half when our decision making and passing was way off the standard required. Again we had the chances to finish the game off but we were not ruthless enough in-front of goal and if the opposition had got a goal back our backs would have been against the wall when the game should have been comfortable.

I told the players after the game that good teams do not get complacent and continue to do the right things and make the correct decisions all of the time. It is something these young players have got to learn, along with being ruthless and more clinical in-front of goal”.

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