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Abbey Hulton United 4- Bacup Borough- 1


The outcome of this game was decided by the contrasting efforts of both Goal Keepers, the home sides keeper Luke Birkinshaw was outstanding especially in the first half when facing constant wave of Bacup Borough attacks, Birkinshaw pulled off vital saves from Joshua Walne, Anthony Hall and Matthew Barlow, these saves were vital given that the Bacup keeper Josh Harris started the game with a damaged shoulder he sustained in the warm up, if this was difficult enough, it was not helped when in the second half Harris’s back went into spasm, restricting his movement, resulting in the most simplest of balls went sailing past him which would under normal circumstances would have been easily dealt with.

Bacup having not been in action for two weeks was without the services of defender Conor Porter and Striker Matthew Bryan who was best man at a wedding.

Forty three minutes of some quality Bacup Football but due to the form of Birkinshaw the visitors could not turn their superiority into goals, when Birkenshaw was beaten by a super shot from Matthew Barlow following excellent build up play, Barlows strike struck the underside of the cross bar before dropping to the goal line, had Anthony Hall have anticipated by following in, Hall himself would have shot Borough in front,  Abbey Hulton were limited to one effort in this time which was an header over the Bacup cross bar, so Abbey Hulton taking the lead, given the dominance from Bacup Borough it did come as somewhat of a shock, Bacup had just got a shot off through Davison Banda resulting in Birkinshaw dealing with the effort before playing out to his defenders, as the Hulton defender got his head up he sent a long ball up the pitch which the Bacup keeper will be somewhat disappointed he did not deal with this, Hulton got in on the ball before the attempted clearance only made the far post area from which was bundled over the line.

Following the break, Bacup Manager Brent Peters and his team were not aware of the serious implications Josh Harris’s injury was going to restrict him but they were soon to find out.

Peters made his first substitution and changed his team’s team shape by taking off midfield player Joshua Walne and introducing a striker and leading scorer Wayne Morrison, with three strikers now on the field of play Bacup were hoping to get that all elusive equaliser but with the ink still wet from the official taking charge of the substitution, Bacup had conceded a second goal and what a disaster goal this proved to be, the ball was crossed from Bacup Borough’s left, normally this would be a simple come and take for the Bacup keeper, Harris did come to take but failed to see his movement through, he stopped in no man’s land, the lad unopposed headed back towards goal where Abbey Hulton’s striker tapped the ball into the net, this was the first disaster, Bacup did get themselves a goal back with some really good play which ended with Elliott Collinson striking the ball across the Abbey Hultons keeper into the net,  Bacup made another positive substitution by introducing another attacking option in Benjamin Rhodes taking off defender Kevin Masirika, before Rhodes could make an impact Joshua Harris injury again played an important contribution by the fact he struggled to get his angles right where he was beaten easily at his near post, this again meaning he was having to go down on his right side with his back also restricting him, Leaving it inevitable that Abbey would score, Keeper Josh Harris ‘s injury also played a big part in their fourth goal when he did initially stop the ball from the corner, which was a normal take, the fact he could not take the ball, he palmed the ball down leaving the Abbey Hulton player to put a massive spanner in Bacup Boroughs works, it is quite evident Bacup Borough are playing very well, but lady luck has deserted them, everyone of Bacup Borough’s goals would with a fit Joshua Harris  have been in safe hands.


Bacup Team   Harris, Foulds, Barlow, Bellamy, Masirika ( Rhodes) Banda ( Wilmore) Collinson, Constantine, Walne ( Morrison ) Hall, Barlow.