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Manager Brent Peters Remains Upbeat

Despite another defeat the Bacup & Rossendale Borough FC manager remained upbeat when he had this to say.

“I have got to say I really feel for my boys as it seems that everything that can go wrong is going wrong and will most definitely change, when? Hopefully sooner rather than later but I do know for sure this can’t carry on. We are a good side with good players.”

Peters added “I will not deny that certain key positions we do need to improve upon and hopefully over the ensuing weeks this will happen, but in the mean time we must all stick together and keep believing that what we have encountered over the past couple of weeks will change.”

Peters added “The fixtures have not been kind to us when in the past few weeks we have had back to back games against the team’s right up there in the league. We have had Norton and we travel to them again next week, we have had AFC Liverpool in the space of three weeks twice and in this game against Runcorn Linnets we have met the team that are bang in form and more than likely will win the league. If they do not there is something not right with the resources they do have, a great following, a healthy playing budget and a team full of proven experienced non-league players.”

Peters added “This said and looking at my players I can honestly say I was optimistic we would be able to go toe to toe and would get something from the game, this was until one hour prior to kick off when our first set back filtered through that one of our players had to be a late withdrawal due to a private matter. Whilst we may think that one player should not be missed, they are when we are too much of a muchness so with this there had to be a late change in how we were going to approach this game to combat their effective threat.”

Peters said “Our next set back was following a reasonable start from the team when our new young sixteen year old home debutant Josh Dunn was through typical as things are going for us at the minute on both occasions the ball just did not run kindly enough for the boy to have a dream start. The boy has got great pace and does generally know where the net is, whilst he is raw, I am confident he will be a quality addition.”

Peters then went on “It is true what they say, when you are down nothing runs for you, well it certainly did not when Gareth Wager’s clearance seemed to somehow loop back over his head which did lead to a rash challenge giving the poor official the easiest decision of the afternoon in awarding a penalty.”

Peters said “Runcorn are good enough without being given a leg up but I have no complaints with that decision, however I do have issues with the next situation when sadly a former captain of mine playing for Runcorn clearly cowardly deliberately did stamp on Daniel Cocks who was down on the floor.”

Peters added “It is beggars belief what these officials are about when it comes to big decisions, when in our mid-week game a player lifted his hands at a player and failed to get a red, in this game one of my players is clearly stamped on yet the player stays on the pitch, nobody wants to see players sent off but rules are rules, pushing and stamping are both red cards, however yet again a weak referee.”

Peters went on “I have mentioned previously about my inexperienced players making the wrong decisions, this was typical when Runcorn got their second goal. One of my younger players was at the edge of our box with the opportunity of clearing the danger, such was his inexperience against experience, the boy whilst carrying the ball lost it and with this we lost our second goal.”

Peters went on “This was a bitter blow to our boys as with this we did lose our belief at which point we needed to rely on our keeper John Ogden.”

Peters then said “We changed things around at the break and also we instilled belief back into the lads, despite a cruel set back from the kick off the boys showed real resilience and came out of the second half with the knowledge of some satisfaction of knowing that despite how good Runcorn were we did give them a very good game in the second half in which they certainly did not have it their own way, especially when Simon Thompson got us a goal with a superb struck shot.”

Peters said “Had the officials have been consistent, then Runcorn’s third would and should have been ruled out as we had a player down with a head injury, wrongly most of our players stopped expecting the game to be stopped due to the head injury. Not surprisingly with the lack of luck the ball found the net and the goal was awarded, this in contrast to when our Shane Birtles goes clean through, Runcorn at the opposite end did have a player down from which pressure from their impressive following and their players of it being an head injury play was stopped and when re-started, whilst we did get the ball back it was seventy yards further back than we had proceeded.”

Peters finished by saying “Right or wrong, the simple fact is despite how hard my boys are working there is a mighty lot of bad luck around us which must change.”

Peters said “It will change and we will be fine because we have a bunch of honest lads that are working hard enough to ensure things will change.”

Peters finished by saying “Over the past ten years we have been rather successful but with success there comes failure and it is with failure and how we all deal with failure that when success returns which it will, that will make it all the more sweeter.”