Bacup Borough Football Club
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Manager Brent Peters had this to say “ It is ironic that at a time there is a media debate of should clubs give more youth a chance in their first team and ride their mistakes which is inevitable whilst in development, this or should clubs go with the proven seasoned players who’s mistakes are at a minimum and not as costly, Due to lack of finances we at Bacup do not have such dilemma, in the main we have had to run with a young side in a demanding league all season, my coaches and my two senior players in Adrian Bellamy and Matthew Bryan have worked hard all season with lads that are performing at their highest level of football, Peters added” but there comes a time when players must learn from their mistakes and learn quickly, in most cases these are boys that have come through pre season with us and have been with us since, yet at the business end of the season, some are making the same old mistakes that in just this week alone have proved to be costly in games we have more than deserved to have got something from every game, Peters explained “ Daisy hill on Monday our young left back was indisciplined in his defending to give away a penalty, two days later playing second in the league and having taken the lead again my young right back who was in for the injured experienced defender Reece Welsh gave away a penalty with the player going away from goal and facing the touch line, if that was bad, our mid field player to whom has been on the fringe all season was afforded his place due to injuries and rashly he dives into win a ball that was not there to win, yet again another penalty and goal, the same player failed to compete on a corner, once again another goal conceded, we go into this game with St Helens we concede from a corner, a free kick on second phase and despite Matthew Bryan pulling both goals back for us, we concede their winner from an own goal from a ball that our keeper shouted for, it was going into his hands until my young Mid field player was caught wrong side of his marker having switched off, in his determination to remedy his breach he slid in from the wrong side and agonisingly diverted the ball past his keeper, so in three games having scored four goals, we have conceded from three penalties, three corners and a free kick and an own goal, So the debate of inexperienced youth players playing in a first team which could lead to promotion /relegation could has I am witnessing have far reaching consequences, this is a debate that will rumble on but given the finances I have to work with, this is a bitter pill I have to swallow but hope the boys will learn and learn quickly, on a brighter note, I gave two young strikers their debuts, Bobby Carter and seventeen year old Louis Holding having stepped up from our own u18 youth structure, both boys worked extremely hard gracing the opportunity with impressive performances “