Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters had this to say “   AS bizarre the Referee’s decision to send off Adrian Bellamy and Darcy O’Connor  those sending offs had no bearing what so ever on the reason as to why we have come away from Liverpool with nothing,  Peters added “ to be fair to the team we really did play well on a 4G surface that suites the way we play down to the ground, Peters said “ we had a good shape about us and really never looked in any real threat, even when we went down to first ten men and then nine men, the lads worked extremely hard ensuring the two player dis advantage did not incur further damage than we had in the goals we had conceded “  Peters explained “ it is very much fine margins, both teams worked hard, both teams did give it a good go, it really looked like it would be another draw between us,  their opening goal we should have put pressure on the ball rather than offering their player enough space to get an excellent strike off, whist we got ourselves back on level terms with a well taken Michael Gervin Goal, their second and third goals should never be happening,  Peters added “ our keeper in the Vase game did come under some criticism  but in this instance Lewis Monahan pulled off a really good save only to be let down by his defenders that seemed flat footed and frozen like rabbits in the headlights,  their player had time to react to the save, get on the ball, get his head up and pick out his team mates to slot into the empty net, Peters added “ we had enough bodies there, if they stay alive, the situation his defended, they didn’t and with this let their keeper down to whom had done really well “  Regarding the third goal, again a basic situation of defending a free kick at the edge of your box, following what unfolded with this goal of the wall jumping, we may has well not have put a wall in the first place, at least this way the keeper could have seen the ball, “ Peters added “ it was another poor goal to concede, Peters finished by saying “ The lads played well and really did not deserve the outcome, whilst the decisions of the Referee in the two sending offs in this game did not cost us, I cant say the same going forward, three matches we will loose our Captain and probably two matches we will loose Darcy O’Connor, with Gary Lillie going in this week for surgery, the voids these players will leave will prove a testing time for us, it is a challenge, a challenge we will relish because we have some talented youngsters in the camp that I am sure will not let us down”