Manager Brent Peters Had This To Say


Whilst the result was disappointing, I cant actually feel that we did not play badly because we didn’t play badly, far from it, however in some games you have that bit of luck that is required, in other games that bit of luck eludes you, or you make your own luck, then there is the situation of decisions by match officials, this brings me to the effort from Anthony Hall just after Half Time, from our technical area it looked like the ball had crossed the line, but if I am being honest I really don’t think the assistant had a clue because it happened just after half time, it was a shot taken early, I think it caught the assistant by surprise to the point he was not sure himself, Peters added “ and whilst on the subject of officials, Holker’s opening goal, whist it was a good quality strike which was also wind assisted, it should never have been a free kick in the first place, Darcy had won the ball pushing it out of play, the player against Darcy was on top of Darcy, it was a good clean challenge, the Referee see’s it differently which resulted in the free kick which resulted in their opening goal, so as you can see a team can play well, but if situations on the day go against you, has frustrating this maybe, we have just got to dust ourselves down and go again, we must not let this result affect us from the good work and results we had achieved prior to this game”