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MANAGER REACTION: Bacup Vs Chadderton

Following Saturday’s disappointing defeat off Chadderton, I spoke to the Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters to get his view on the game when he had this to say.
“ Before I talk about Bacup I want to make it abundantly clear I am not in any way intentially being disrespectful to Chadderton who in my opinion worked hard for the points and with that work ethic they got what they deserved, however after our previous weeks Gold Star performance I did make the point that this game must not be a case of after the lord mayors show, something it really did turn out to be, Peters added “ prior to this game on addressing the players I spoke about the recent negative results Chadderton had been getting, in some cases they have been on the end of some heavy defeats, I made the point that this would inevitably change but we must ensure the change did not come against us, Peters said “ like I told the boys we are not going to win every game but the games we lose in, we must be satisfied that collectively every one of us have given our all, if this happens and we lose, then it is hands up, on the day we have been beaten with a better side, Peters went on “ this was certainly not the case in this game, from last week’s top drawer performance, some players have gone from hero, to zero, this is what really has disappointed me, how can a team be so dominant, clinical, sharp, highly competitive one week to the opposite the week after? Only the individuals to whom I am referring to know if they have prepared right for the game or have they taken a blazay attitude, it must be the latter, what I do know is when one has witnessed what this team are capable of, to witness an abject performance on Saturday is not only not acceptable but extremely disappointing, , Peters went on” we had more than enough to have blown our opponents out of sight, we didn’t because of attitudes, players must learn, you cant turn it on and turn it off, despite the fact we did not get to the great heights of the week previous, we still had enough in us to comfortably have got something out of this game, we easily could have done, we did not and due to this we have paid the ultimate price of dropping three home points and with this losing our unbeaten run at home.
Peters said “ we were very much laboured all over, we were very poor in midfield, given there was only one forced change in that area from the previous game with Darcy O’Connor suspended, so how those players can go from a top performance to a rock bottom one in seven days and not having had a midweek game, really is mind boggling and up top too many times we flattered to deceive, Peters said “ do not get me wrong it was not the entire team, Josh Walne put in an honest shift, has did Issac Curness having made the step up from our u21s and playing in an unfamiliar role, Adrian Bellamy, Laquan Esdaille and Davison Banda also came out with credit has did our Keeper Lewis Monoghan, although I do have to question why the ball was heading back to our keeper from the position we was in and why our keeper did not quickly come out to make it difficult to the Chadderton player for their opening goal, I put that down to bad decisions from both individuals, Peters finished by saying “ I will tell you, & Coach David Felgate will tell you, this team is oozing talent but when attitudes are wrong talent is nothing “