MANAGER REACTION: Defeat a cruel blow

Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters Had This To Say. “ The Conditions were Horrendous for both sides has the pitch was a complete wreck disintegrating that badly that players were ankle deep, to lose the game was really a cruel blow for several reasons, the first and obvious reason was the amount of sheer hard work the boys put in on a pitch that looked like an heard of cattle had been present, possession stakes we won hands down, however we must turn that possession into goals, we had chances to do mainly coming from the amount of free kicks we were winning around the edge of the box, Peters added “ despite the fact we have several players that would normal have the quality to hurt teams from this position, on the day everyone of my players to whom had the responsibility of delivering quality did fail, Peters added “ we was in good area’s of the pitch, ideal to hurt teams but their thought process and quality did elude everyone of them which was a total let down, Peters went on to say “ This defeat came down to the finest of margins, also I think it is fair to say lady luck deserted us, their opening goal had luck when my defender connected to a fizzing ball that really was unlucky when the ball deflected past his own keeper, whilst we did level the scores following excellent work from Matthew Bryan to whom assisted by his movement in getting into a good position to receive the ball before finding Richard Walker to finish, their what turned out to be their winning goal did come just after half time, once again distances and fine margins, Peters added “ with the ball over on the right hand side of the pitch, my left back had tucked in on the swivel, on the outside of him was a player hanging out, the thin margin and distance comes from the fact he was tucked in too far, the cross beat him, despite the ball dropping and bouncing, the fact he had got his distances wrong ensured his opponent was the favourite to hurt us and hurt us he did, in defence of my Left Back he is young and in experienced but he is a very good defender, this was a little learning curve for him, that in this situation he alters his position slightly in order that he is comfortable to either advance on to the cross to head away, this or defend against his opponent to whom had dropped off, Peters added “ he gets his distances right, that goal does not happen, equally if the player playing in front of the defender is covering that area, that goal does not happen, it did happen leaving us to chase the game, for forty minutes we camped in their half, in the end they were that desperate to hang onto what they had got that balls were constantly being kicked out of the ground, much to our frustration, when in the final seconds the ball strikes the foot of the post from Nathan Tayo’s head, it was evident that lady luck was not with us and the fine margin between earning a point to a defeat was very much the slightest of distances which on this occasion the boy got wrong, we was punished but hopefully my young defender will learn and not only will we be more accomplished as a team, but also he will be as a player “