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Following the Longridge defeat I caught up with the Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters who pulled no punches when he had this to say “ Longridge are a good enough team without getting a leg up from the match referee, Peters added “ for thirty seven minutes there was nothing in the game, in fact in this time without doubt we had worked the better positions but disappointingly my front men wasted the excellent opportunities presented to them, by this I don’t necessary mean clear shots on goal, this is my point they had the space in behind to exploit in order to bring their keeper into action but they on too many occasion wasted the 1v1 situations, the flip side to this we did have plenty of possession and did work the ball into good area’s up until the final third where it mattered the most, Peters added “ it wasn’t long before everyone’s attention was focussed onto the match official, it started when Laquan Esdaille approached the official to ask what he had seen wrong with a genuinely good challenge which the official got wrong, the officials man management skills obviously left a lot to be desired when pathetically he issued my player with a yellow for asking a question, Peters added “ Respect is a big thing in modern football from which the FA do go on about, so I just do not see why a player who respectfully asked the official a question to be issued with a yellow, it was from this moment on the Referee lost the plot completely, in the eight minutes that followed he failed to give us a free kick right in front of our technical area when Josh Walne was clearly fouled, from this it resulted in Thomas Hendley had to take a card for the team has Josh Walne’s man who had clearly fouled josh was breaking with the help of the official for not giving us the kick but then has to give Longridge a free Kick, which it was to be fair, What I was not happy with on this kick, my lads had given the smallest lad on the pitch to mark their tallest man on the pitch beyond the far post, this proved to be bad organisation from our point of view so it was not a surprise when the quality delivery was attacked by their biggest lad into the net to whom did tower over my defender, Peters added “ at this stage I would have taken a 1-0 deficit going in at half time, every indications seemed like it would be 1-0 this until the Referee to whom had been quiet for a couple of minutes, so decided he needed to be noticed once again, so when following a corner the ball bounced up and struck my defenders hand which was not in anyway in an unusual place, after what seemed like an eternity of thought he eventually pointed to the penalty spot, Peters added “ this did not surprise me when he did not like Esdaille asking him a simple question, Josh Walne gets wiped out and waves play on, so yes it was always going to be a penalty all day, although extremely questionable, Peters went on “ the comic cuts did not end here, another corner was delivered this time their lad is stooping low to head the ball has my defender had made the decision to clear the ball, once again he could not wait to punish us by awarding yet another penalty for what he described has dangerous play ?
Peters added “ three nil at the break from two penalties and a free kick, it was game over, an excellent game of football coming from both sides who both tried to play was spoilt has a contest by the man in the middle, Peters went on “ the second half was always going to be difficult for us, Longridge are a good team so to pull those three goals back was always going to be a tough ask, but credit to our boys rather than shut shop and declare the fact we have lost this game, they didn’t, they gave it a good go, but their efforts were made even more difficult when both teams was reduced to ten men for a situation that was literally handbags, once again I find myself questioning this referee and his lack of Player Management skills when he took the easy way out by removing both players from the pitch, a bonkers decision which he should have been handling better, Peters added “ from here on in Longridge pulled us all over the place, their ball retention was excellent and the way they utilised the space on the pitch was excellent also, credit to Longridge in getting the three points, it was never a 5-0 game but once the guest in the middle wanted to join in the party of two good sides playing very good football and the score at nil nil, it was a recipe for disaster for us, Longridge deserved their points in the end, but the only real winner for me was the FA feeding off the fines we will have to pay due to a performance from a guy in the middle that on this occasion was clearly out of his depth “