MANAGER REACTION: our young cubs became tigers on the day and that I loved

Following Bacup Borough’s excellent 4-2 win over Cleator Moor Celtic, the Bacup Manager Brent Peters had this to say


“  This turned out to be a good day for us on many fronts, but it certainly did not start this way, with two vital experienced players missing in Captain Adrian Bellamy and Darcy O’Connor both suspended, it was a chance to give my younger players a chance, with Young Kyle Brooks returning from injury and Liam Simm from our u21s slotting in at the back, it was a good test against a good strong Cleator Moor Celtic, it was also a good test to see if we could ride the loss of two influential players, the good positive end was we did not miss them at all, the boys once they got going proved to be masterful replacements, Peters added “ our visitors had not had their best trip to Bacup having been travelling for well over two hours, it was vitally important that we hit them hard from the beginning, that was the plan but it certainly did not work out this way when it was Cleator Moor Celtic that hit the ground running, pressing us all over the pitch, it was our visitors that dictated the pace of the game, something I was certainly not happy about, I was even less happier when we conceded and the manor with which we conceded, half time could not come quick enough “ Peters added “ I think it is fair to say some players had some harsh words ringing in their ears going out for the second half, Peters added “ it is one thing dishing out harsh words, it is another thing if we get a reaction from these words, pleasingly we did, the second half saw a different Bacup Borough taking to the pitch, we saw a Boro side stepping up the pace, being competitive and with this being clinical, it was all good”  Michael Gervin took over the captains role from Adrian Bellamy, the half that he played, the fact he personally picked up the baton and ran with it, the fact that he not only complimented the captains role with his performance but also with such brilliance by the way he executed two of his three goals”  Peters went on “ I was fortunate enough to have witnessed  sometimes the frustration that the great George Best brought to us but also the sheer brilliance at times that he would produce to go on and win the match for his team, George Best was the best, but let me tell you Michael brings much the same to us, one minute in this game I am getting frustrated with the boy, the next I am standing applauding two exquisite individual goals, they really were something very special, Peters added “ it is just a shame we are a club not blessed with money which means we are unable to invest into the latest technology such has video equipment, it is with great shame these goals were not recorded for the boy to look back on with such fond memories, believe me they were class “ Peters finished by saying “ This win was a special win, not just because of the quality of the goals but by the fact our Cumbrian guests were strong, competitive and showed a complete desire to get something out of this game, but after a not so good first half, our young cubs became tigers on the day and that I loved “