MANAGER REACTION: the belief, the attitude…that really does please me

Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters Spoke Following The Game When He Had This To Say “  Given how this game panned out I am happy to be leaving here with one point in the bank, it really could have been three points lost, so we must be grateful for small mercies, that one point ensures we are still on an unbeaten run, Peters added “ we got off to a perfect start by getting ourselves in front, I must credit  first of all the match official to whom played a superb advantage after Nick Alexander was fouled and secondly the alertness of Anthony Hall to take the ball and the rest of their defenders and goal keeper on before slotting the ball into the net, Peters went on “ despite the fact we did take the lead, I was far from happy with our approach play, we are normally total football but for some reason in this game certain players kept lumping the ball forward, this rather than shortening our game by finding a pass, by lumping the ball forward we are taking away all of our own strengths which is close control and intricate passing, with a means of course,

Peters added “ I have said it before and I will say it again now, if our midfield as a unit are not on it, the team will not be on it, sadly our midfield has a unit was not at their best, I am not referring to certain individuals, I am referring to the entire midfield unit, for instance, when following a free kick their goal keeper can knock one straight ball into their strikers feet, I have to question why was the nearest Midfield player ensuring he is covering their front mans feet ? no way should that be allowed to happen,  the shot from distance that rattled the under side of the bar, again where was the Midfield in closing that down so that shot is not an option ? again just prior to them scoring their second goal, their player was allowed to dance on the ball before shaping his shot past our keeper, so again I have to question the time and space that player was afforded, then their third goal the lad just left my left sided midfield player to pick himself up off the floor, Maybe I should give their boys credit by the way they executed their three goals, but in reverse of that and more to the point, my boys just cant give players that much time or space,  Peters then said “  What I am happy about is the character the boys did show  even at 3-1 down, there was a total belief in them all that we had enough talent in the team to turn this negative into a positive, this they did and this I just cant praise the boys enough, once again I am pleased the way Anthony Hall has responded since both myself and Coach Dave Felgate have worded him, he is listening and producing and that is all we ask, Michael Gervin whilst did not have the best of games, the boy is exceptional when he can turn that bit of magic on and this he did at a crucial time in the game, it was Michael’s magic that brought the penalty and Anthony Halls conversion that earned the boys a vital point, so once again the character, the belief, the attitude, the talent of this young team brought them something from their efforts and that really does please me “