MANAGER REACTION: We only have ourselves to blame



Garstang 1-Bacup Borough -0


Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters went into this game without the services of recently announced Player of the Month Anthony Hall who was out injured having pulled his groin and Matthew Dell another player that has been instrumental in helping Bacup to seventeen goals in six matches during the month of December, if this was not bad enough both influential players in Captain Adrian Bellamy and Michael Gervin did turn up but reported that both had been very much under the weather but to be fair both gave as much has they could to Bacup Borough’s cause.


Despite Bacup’s pre match set backs, it was Bacup that started positive with their usual penetrating style, however on eight minutes it was Garstang that won the first corner of the match, has the ball is delivered from the Bacup right into an area full of bodies, Bacup’s keeper made a decision to come over a body of players in an attempt to punch clear, this was an unusual bad decision from Bacup’s talented keeper has the attacking player connected before the fist to give the visitors an early lead.


Bacup had plenty of opportunities to get back on level terms, when a quality ball was delivered from Bacup Borough’s left into the advancing Bobby Carter, if he directs his header down, it is a goal all of the way, but frustratingly the header was directed straight over the Garstang bar,  Bacup did keep pressing, Michael Gervin broke away from his marker in the centre of the park before driving into the box, this before a Garstang defender took him clean out and a penalty was awarded, oh how well Manager Brent Peters would have longed to have his usual penalty area on the pitch rather than watching from the side, Vice Captain Michael Gervin took the responsibility which was easily saved, another disappointing moment.


Garstang had very few opportunities has it was Bacup constantly in the ascendancy but in one of the very few moments they broke from midfield, this is where Harry Turner redeemed himself when he bravely dashed off his line preventing the home side doubling their lead,  with half time fast approaching another great opportunity came Bacup Borough’s way when Josh Walne delivered an exceptional quality ball in, advancing was Bobby Carter, who connected with the ball only to see a glaring opportunity of an open goal with the ball flying up over the bar, had the player have had five on his back and not nine we would have been complimenting a terrific defensive stop, it was really disappointing for Bacup to be going in one down at the break.


With no substitutes at the break but Bacup Manager did tinker with his team shape by pushing Captain Adrian Bellamy further forward, once again the second half typified the first half, all Bacup Pressure, with less than five minutes on the clock Bobby Carter who was on side when he made his run, but when the Assistant on the dug out side of the pitch decided to switch on, he saw Carter then forward and smashing the ball into the net, but the assistant flagged off side, when the ball was played and Carter started his run he was clearly behind play, this was yet another set back for the East Lancashire Side,


Further opportunities did come Bacup Borough’s way when Josh Walne drilled the ball across their goal, with the menacing poaching Louis Holding slid right in onto the keeper, both lads were brave for their own causes, but once again with the amount of chances Bacup created, the biggest mystery being how on earth they did not get anything at all from a game they have dominated.



Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters had this to say “  It is not a mystery of how we failed to get anything from this game, the simple facts being, we had enough opportunities to have scored, we failed to score from twelve yards out from the penalty spot, normally we are clinical, it is no excuse that Anthony was not playing, we have several other players in the team that would have been composed to equalise, I am not saying our taker was not composed, but one would expect to hit the target from 12 yards out, Peters added “ I will take the blame because it was me that selected the boy to take the penalty in Anthony’s absence, in all honesty at Daisy Hill he was in the main clinical from the spot but we can all have a bad day at the office, in addition a little more composure in front of goal in other situations, we would, and should have scored, when chances come like we had worked for, we must be clinical, in this game we was far from clinical, so on that front we have only ourselves to blame for the reason we came away with nothing.


Peters finished by saying “ Did the boys play well ?  Yes, did the boys work hard? Yes, was we chasing the game from a bad decision from our keeper ? yes,  did we miss good opportunities ? yes, so in the main this was one of those games we must learn and kick on from “