MANAGER REACTION: Second Half display pleases Peters

Manager Brent Peters Comments. There is one big statement in football, team shape does not win or lose you games of football but personal in any shape does, witnessing what I witnessed in the first half in this match, never a truer statement was spoken Peters added ‘ I went with the same structured shape that worked so well at league leaders Silsden, the difference being I had different personal in, Joe Carrol was an absentee due to sickness, given the fact it was an intense tough game against Silsden, given this game with Whitchurch to whom seven days earlier had beaten Silsden away, I opted to freshen it up in midfield, introducing three players that did not take part in the Silsden game, Peters added “ at the time it did seem the most logical thing to do, but what a mistake, unlike the midfield unit against the League leaders, this midfield were so in disciplined within this team shape that it got very much to embarrassing proportions by the way Whitchurch constantly picked us off, Peters added “ it was three at the break, but it really could have been more, it was inevitable at the break, not only did I change the shape but also the personal, Peters added “ with the introduction of Ewan Cooper a talented boy (19) to whom excites me, he is quick, skilful and pacey and very positive, Jordan Wilmore and Marcus Barlow was introduced both of which had done well against Silsden, from this from the depths of despair in the first half we proved to be every bit has good as Whitchurch in the second half, the contest was very much an even contest, we took the game to them, we had five excellent opportunities, on another day they go in, Peters finished by saying “ the second half finished all square from a game that looked like from the start it was going to be a rout, like Silsden, Whitchurch are an excellent strong side, whilst hindsight is a wonderful thing, I really wished I had kept with the same lads that although in a narrow defeat at Silsden did me proud, I thought I was making the right decision by freshening it up, a decision I now come to regret “