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Managers Post Match Comments

Bacup & Rossendale Borough manager Brent Peters post match comments following the 1-1 draw with Alsager Town when he had this to say.


“Games with Alsager are always tough tight games and this was no exception especially based upon the fact we had six key players missing due to various different situations. However it was pleasing to have Adrian Bellamy all wrapped up and signed especially with Gareth Wager being suspended, the frustrating one not having Laquan Esdaille to pick from with the Belgium FA having not yet cleared the boy to play back under the English FA. It was also pleasing to have Aaron Kirk back at my disposal although Aaron it seems must have surgery for a double hernia which came from last season with the glut of games we had to play in such a short time. However in this game and bearing in mind Arron not having not being able to train to the extent as his team mates have been able to do the lad did really well breaking the game up before using the ball well. It was a good return but he must learn to admit when his tank is on empty and by this I mean when he has nothing left and that he is not able to stay with his midfield opponent, one run from his opponent un-checked could have been the difference in the result as it only takes a second to switch off and with this a second for opponents to score. Other than this I am very pleased with him.”


Peters then commented “Right from the off Alsager’s effective direct approach had us on the back foot and was certainly a warning of what we were in for however it just shows when players do not give in on what could be prescribed as a lost cause then they could get rewards. This we did when a back pass to the visiting keeper was chased down really well by Simon Thompson and this was a case of keepers sticking to what they are good at and not trying to risk technical ability that maybe they lack in. This fact brought Tommo his goal with persistence before dispossessing their keeper to score.”


Peters added “This goal lifted us to go onto producing some excellent moves within our approach play just that vital last bit of quality in the final third deceived us, this said whenever we squandered possession or failed at the final third Alsager were always dangerous and did get in behind us too often for my liking.”


Peters said “It was their direct approach that did get them their equaliser, when I say direct, it was direct with a meaning and not just a hit and hope ball, credit to Alsager for this as one ball took two of our defenders out paving the way for their intelligent runners to exploit us, in the instance of the goal as Ashley Gotham had done in the first half, he reacted well and was very positive saving the goal bound shot but on this occasion only to the extent of the ball going back to his opponent who had followed up to hammer into the net.”


Peters said “From this moment on we could have very easily lost the game by the fact when they did get in behind us their attempts were wayward but also in respect of us, we could also have won the game as we also got in behind them but by means of a different approach to their approach. The difference being our attempts were not wayward they were simple tap in’s for anyone that were prepared to be on line with the excellent Matty Bryan who’s balls into the box at times were different class.”


Peters said “As well as Matty played and he did play well, he must also realise that whilst he wants to be a winner as we all do, winning is not just about going forward, winning comes from players managing situations and ensuring that as a team we are difficult to break down. This will only come when players recover back well and do cover gaps quickly, certainly not to wait to see what develops and then try to recover. Getting shape back early is critical as good teams with good intelligent runners as Alsager did possess will punish us. Not only Matty but other players must get this mind set into their game.”


Peters finished by saying “A draw was a fair result, both teams had chances to win the game, this did not happen but from our perspective we are on a mini unbeaten run so long may this continue, it was a good game that could have gone either way.”