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Managers Reaction: Four Goals And No Result!!

AN ANGRY BACUP MANAGER BRENT PETERS DID NOT HOLD BACK WHEN HE HAD THIS TO SAY “ Having Scored four goals and not get anything from the game is a sacrilege, to score four goals and lose the game is a disaster, Peters went on “ some players need to take a long hard look at themselves, for a start our Mid Field Unit have not learnt from how we conceded last weeks opener against Cheadle, Chadderton’s opener in the opening minutes was identical when a midfield runner breaks through completely unopposed, Chadderton’s second goal I have to question whether my keeper made the correct decision to come into a crowded area following a free kick outside of the box from which he got little onto the punch leaving him stranded and Chadderton an easy finish, Peters went on” Despite the bad start, given how long there was still to go in the game, given how well the experienced Jason Jarrett was linking up well with Matthew Bryan, I still felt confident we would have more than enough to come back and go onto win the game, Peters said “ My thought process was even stronger when Jason pulled a goal back before half time, however what I could not legislate for was one of my Midfield Players Charlie Collinge stupidly kicking out at a Chadderton player after the ball had gone, leaving the match official with no option but to give the lad a straight red card, Peters went on “ this was absolute madness, even more so when the ball had gone forward in our favour, his actions did not make sense, whilst we had to play over an hour 11 v 10 we also now lose him for three matches, “ Peters went on “ Credit to the remaining ten men to whom started the game, they really did put in an excellent work man like performance in taking the game to our hosts from which they turned a 2-1 deficit into a winning position of 3-2, 3-3, to again be winning 4-3 surmounting credit for this was the energy and positivity of Matthew Bryan coupled with the experience and expertise of Jason Jarrett, it was no surprise to me that both got a brace a piece, our equaliser to make it 2-2, I must also credit the delivery of Sam Hough, Peters went on “ the way this game had unfolded and the pace it was played at, it was one of those games when unless forced into, not to make substitutions, forced being the appropriate word, the fact this was Jason Jarrett’s first game for some time, coupled with the fact he had to play a lot deeper mid field role out of possession and still having to get forward in possession to support Matty following the sending off, it was inevitable he would begin to fatigue, the same for Joshua Walne whom himself has been out for seven weeks with an injury, both had given their all and had to be replaced, Peters finished by saying “ Winning 4-3 with only a couple of minutes left on the clock, experience would have seen us over the line, in situations that quickly followed, what happened and how their two goals came to win the game, was total naïve and turned out to be extremely costly, Credit must go to Chadderton despite the fact we did make it difficult for them once we had got in front, they never gave up, also every Manager looks at his substitutions to have an impact on the game once introduced, I think it is fair to say one of their substitutes did just that for his team, the same player was instrumental at Bacup earlier in the season in helping his side reduce a 4-0 deficit in Bacup’s favour to a 4-3, has for my boys, Majority put in a good honest shift but then there is the ones to whom did self destruct and that is very disappointing and costly.