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Managers Reaction: My Boys Tried Their Hardest And That Is All I Can Ask For.

Manager Brent Peters Comments Following Saturday’s Defeat To High Flying Alsager Town.

Alexander Nwachukwu

Alexander Nwachukwu Stretchered of the field.

Ryan Humphries

Ryan Humphries Sent Off for Hand Ball.

I spoke to the Bacup Manager after the game when he had this to say “ I personally do feel sorry for this very young Bacup side we have, the boys are having to face reality of this league the hard way, it is a given fact that the North West Counties League can be a physical demanding competitive league, something my players have come to realise, none more than in this game, for a lot of my players this is the highest level they have ever competed at, the boys are technical gifted lads, but in some cases I can see they are not in any way used to the physicality this league can bring. Alsager were big, strong, physical aggressive side, not in any way dirty, just a decent competitive side with some good experienced lads, something due to our financial situation we do lack, if ever there was a game where my lads needed the leadership of some experience on the pitch, it was this game, if this was bad enough for the boys it soon got worse for them when in the opening minutes we lose our central midfield player Alexander Nwachukwu to whom was stretchered off with a serious head injury, closely followed by being reduced to ten men when Ryan Humphries was sent off having handled whilst stood on a post defending a corner from which a penalty was awarded and finished, Peters added this game was certainly a baptism of fire for them, Peters added “ when people talk about it was men v boys, not in a discriminating way but this really was the case, the fact we conceded three goals from corners from which Alsager had worked exceptionally well, this apart there was too many miss matches in height and physicality that in reality we never really stood a chance, Peters said “ Ten Men and a player stretchered off, three goals down at the break, it couldn’t get any worse- or could it ? the answer was yes it could, & did, when at the start of the second half I lose my other central midfield player with an ankle injury & also winger Anthony Hall with a back injury facing us with a surmounting task in the second half.

Peters finished by saying “ Despite all of the setbacks, in the second half I must congratulate the boys for their work ethics and commitment in continuing to work hard in extremely difficult circumstances, not only this but it would have been easy to raise the white flag at half time and sat in with ten players behind the ball and accepted a 3-0 defeat, this we did not do, we had a right go in order to try and get something from this game, in doing so we knew we could have issues on the counter attack but in our keeper Aaron Ashley we trusted, he was exceptional, As the saying goes “ God loves a trier, my boys tried their hardest and that is all I can ask for “