Manager’s Reaction to Wigan Loss

“If ever a football match was likened to Dick Turpin and a Highway Robbery then this was it.”


“This is not being disrespectful to our opponents to who did give it their all and did work hard for each other but the simple truth is we were far the better side. We played some excellent football, created excellent chances but failed where it did matter in front of goal to apply that finishing touch. This game should have been over with by half time however like in any game when chances do come along and good chances at that, if those chances are not converted then it is always placing pressure onto the defenders in not either making mistakes or bad decisions which could inevitably let the opposition in.”


Peters added “This is exactly what did happen. Good teams with good players manage situations well especially when in front and in control and this is where certain individuals let us down and from this we get punished and with this goes three valuable points and our unbeaten run.”


Peters said “Bad decisions in our final third is just as bad as bad decisions in our defensive third, the fact we missed a host of chances, the fact we made bad decisions from two defenders in two different situations in which we got punished at the back, then collectively as a team we must all take the blame and not just point the finger at the two individuals at the back.”


Peters then went on to say “This said they must learn from these situations for instance their equaliser came from an attempted long ball over their full backs head which fell well short, this when the player in question did have plenty of options to have passed short and with it kept possession. When the ball came back at us it looked like no one wanted to take any responsibility and with this contemplating situation credit to the individual from the opposition that took the initiative to dispossess our defender before finishing.”


Peters added “As much of a setback this was and very much of our own making providing we all re-grouped and stayed solid and patient then without doubt our unbeaten mini run would still be intact. However this was not to be when our defender does go forward with cocky confidence carrying the ball into what I would describe as a dead end of crowded players, possession lost, rest of defenders pulled all over, a ball knocked across the six yard box not dealt with and a lad at the back post ghosting in to earn his team three points.”


Peters concluded by saying “It really does not count for anything the amount of chances a team creates, the amount of possession in abundance to the opposition, what counts is scoring more goals than the opposition. Points are not counted for looking pretty and for the majority of the game having control of the football. As Wigan Robin Park Proved in this game a team does not need to get near the ball but sooner or later they will be given an opportunity and providing they are ready for that opportunity when it arises as Wigan Robin Park were, then Dick Turpin or not, Wigan Robin Park got what they deserved because where it mattered in front of goal they capitalised on our downfall, something we ridiculously could not do to them.”

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