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Managers View: Match Fitness Is Crucial Key

Manager Brent Peters Commented on both games when he had this to say.

“ It has been tough for us due to one thing then another over the past couple of weeks, with games constantly being postponed we can do all of the training in the world but match fitness is crucial, something through no fault of our own we have not had, Peters added “ this explains why our performance levels drop in or around the 70minute mark, this is not helped in anyway by the state of the pitches we are playing on, given the type of side we are, given the slick passing moves we do play, the bogs we are playing on just brings us down making it a leveller, against Alsager has the pitch deteriorated, so did our performance levels, in addition through lack of game time, minds become tired which inevitably results in switching off, Peters added “ this is not an excuse, it is fact, I said to my players after the Alsager game when we started and the pitch was good we were fantastic and worthy of our lead, it was inevitable the pitch would go but the honesty of my boys they did still try to play but the ball does not run true, the ball sticks, this means our slick players are not able to get away, players take extra touches, it becomes a real struggle to get into the forward third of the pitch, this in contrast to Alsager, they went back to front with one pass, they are now high up the pitch winning throwing’s, corners, free kicks, when the ball drops in the box, they are on it, not pretty but they played to the conditions, this is something which I did explain to my boys, it does not matter if it is not pretty, the name of the game is winning, if this means changing our approach whilst pitches are in the condition they are in, then this we must do, after all what is it about ? looking pretty but not effective and losing, this or playing ugly and winning, Peters went on “ I am indebted to my counterpart Steve Mainwaring at Rossendale FC and Jonathan Heap who is not a Goal Keeper but given the fact I was faced with a crisis, my only option was my 16 year old U18 keeper Adam Stenton, I am sure young Adam would have stepped into the breach and I am sure having seen the boy that he would not have let us down, however as a Manager I have a duty of care and must respect that at sixteen, playing against men, the physicality of this around the box, then had I have played the boy and we had have started to rain goals, this could have had a long term detrimental effect upon the boys confidence something I was not prepared to do to a player currently doing well in his development, by putting Jonathan Heap in goal, he has the stature, he is an adult and he has the physicality, he did concede five goals but at no point was Jonathan to blame, he was let down by certain players in front of him that seeming like they were literally sunk in mud and rabbits in the headlights “