Bacup Borough travelled to Anfield on Saturday to the Anfield Community Stadium where for the second time in only a matter of weeks these two sides met, the game at Bacup was a tight affair with both teams playing out an entertaining O-O draw, this game was equally as entertaining but this time with goals and two late incidents which marred a good performance from Bacup despite being on the end of a defeat.


The Anfield Stadium was in such close proximity that come 3pm the players entered the pitch with the Liverpool Kops anthem of “you will never walk alone” ringing in the players ears, those words came back to haunt Bacup Borough’s Captain Adrian Bellamy & Darcy O’Connor when late in the second half when under the Referee’s orders they had to “walk off the pitch “ certainly not alone!  Captain Adrian Bellamy got a straight red and in another incident Darcy O’Connor received a second yellow leaving the Bacup Manager totally bewildered.


The game was played on a 4G surface which complimented the football both teams tried to play, the game was end to end but with both defences staying tight chances for either side were at a premium, this until a quarter of the way into the game when the Bacup rear guard opted to back off, with seemingly no danger the advancing Breck player took the opportunity of cutting inside before bending the ball into the far corner of the Bacup keeper’s out stretched hands,  Bacup themselves continued to probe, with this got their deserved rewards when go interchanging play between Darcy O’Connor and Michael Gervin who produced another quality finish to get his side on level terms,


The second half was very much following the same pattern has the first half with both teams having their equal share of possession but without producing clear opportunities, Bacup probably had a good call for a penalty when Michael Gervin was creating his space in the box in order to get his shot off but was sent tumbling to the ground, despite the Bacup appeals the Referee was having none.


There is an old saying, if you are not prepared to shoot, then you will not score goals, with no space to get in behind the Bacup defence, Lower Brecks player tried his luck with a well struck effort that brought a terrific save from the Bacup keeper, flying full length across his goal he pushed the ball away, his defenders rather than then clear any danger seemed to be still applauding the save when the Lower Breck player kept the ball alive before squaring for his team mate unopposed to tap into an empty net, in such a tight game it was little wonder the Lower breck bench celebrated the way they did.


In a game that had twenty two honest players contributing exemplary to an excellent incident free football match, probably the easiest game the match official will have taken control of  was soon to be spoiled by what next followed,  Bacup Borough’s defender Liam Sinn had unluckily passed the ball to a Lower Breck player, with the Breck player now advancing with the ball, Simm in trying to rectify his breach he committed a foul, nothing more than a booking, when the Referee came over and did take a red card out of his pocket, rightly so the Bacup Captain Adrian Bellamy approached the Referee, what followed next was mayhem, the Referee had left his yellow cards, so he had to go to his Assistant for his cards to then retract Liam Sinns red card and issued the yellow card, he then decided to red card Adrian Bellamy from which only the official knows why, so Bacup are down to ten men, the free kick is given to Lower Breck the ball is struck low, the wall jumps, the keeper is unsighted and with this the ball is in the net, all sheer madness created first of all by conceding a free kick but then the official producing the wrong colour of card, this did not end here  when Bacup’s Darcy O’Connor who was already on a booking asked the referee if he had stopped his watch following Lower Breck having kicked the ball away preventing Bacup taking a quick free kick,  to every ones surprise he pulls out a second yellow removing Darcy O’Connor from the pitch and Bacup down to nine men, how on earth  this happened in what was a really good game of football, complimentary to both sides, is beggars belief.