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Mersey Valley 0-Bacup Borough -2

Wayne Morrison nets 2 goals

Bacup Borough’s Wayne Morrison got himself a brace in their two nil victory at Mersey Valley, once again Manager Brent Peters utilised his entire squad by adopting two different teams playing forty five minutes each, the first half was a 3-4-1-2 formation, Mersey Valley were sharp and bright, they tried to play football on the floor, despite a bright start they came up against a strong defensive unit in Porter, Masirika & Bellamy, it took Bacup fifteen minutes before getting into any rhythm but when they did they looked extremely dangerous, Anthony Hall and Matthew Bryan a constant threat backed up by Josh Walne down Bacup’s right, both teams saw the half out without breaking the deadlock.

The second forty five minutes saw the introduction of Ben Rhodes, Ryan Heywood, Stuart Craig, Martin Cosgrave & Wayne Morrison and with this a 4-4-2 formation, With this Bacup seemed to step up the pace with plenty of movement in their side, this soon brought Bacup their opening goal, consisting of good link up play involving Ben Rhodes, Matthew Bryan to whom got his head up to pick out his strike partner Wayne Morrison to finish.

Mersey Valley started to struggle with Borough’s pace and movement and found themselves fortunate not to be two goals down when Matthew Bryan struck their bar in open play, then following good work from Ryan Haywood to whom was fouled resulting in a Bacup free kick, once again the Mersey Valley cross bar saved the day from an exquisite effort from Bryan.

It was that Matthew Bryan and Wayne Morrison combination again that helped Bacup double their lead, first of all a quality cross from Bryan that was met with precision timing from Wayne Morrison to head into the net, following this goal Manager Brent Peters replaced Jordan Rutter with Alex Chew before changing to a 3-5-2 formation from which Bacup did finish the game has comfortable two nil winners.

Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters spoke after the game when he had this to say “   This was another good work out for us, in respect to Mersey Athletic they at all times did try to play football, they were busy and sharp all over the pitch, for us to get any foothold in this game we needed to match them, this meant the players needed to put in the work ethic, once again showing that we have a good honest bunch of lads that are willing to do this and not just treat the game as if it was a walk in the park, Peters added “ During the first forty five minutes we were very patchy, not dictating the tempo has I would have liked, this said in those patchy moments we did play, we looked good in the shape we adopted, it is important the wing backs push high up the pitch, it is a demanding role but it is a role that if not played right by the wing backs the team could become too defensive and not attack minded enough, on this note Josh Walne did well making every effort to link up with the attack at every opportunity. Peters went on “ the second forty five minutes given the personal we introduced they all slotted into a 4-4-2 formation like an hand into a glove, I was impressed by their pace and movement through out, I was also pleased with the Matthew Bryan Wayne Morrison combination at the top end of the pitch, they both linked up really well, Peters finished by saying “ the group in its entirety are working really well, I have been pleased with everyone’s contribution to date, I am also pleased by the attitude and work ethic and ability young Ben Rhodes has shown since his progression from our Youth team, the sad thing ahead of this weekend’s game I do lose a lot of players from the squad due to holidays, unfortunately this is an occupational hazard “