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New Leaders At Bacup Borough

Manager Brent Peters has just announced his team’s new leaders following a team meeting at the Marriot Renaissance Hotel in Manchester.

Daniel Cocks will be the newly promoted Team Captain whilst Otis Gorman has stepped up to become Vice Captain.
Manager Brent Peters explained ” Team Captain & Vice Captain are very important appointments in any team, Daniel & Otis have all of the attributes to be very good leaders. In Daniel Cocks he has impressed me with his progression since he arrived at the club from Abbey Hey, he is a fully committed lad who loves his football, always at training, always asking staff questions in order to improve, Daniel is fully committed to Bacup Borough Football Club and he is determined to build on the success we achieved last season”. Peters added ” I am also hoping that now Daniel has got this extra responsibility he will become more self disciplined within himself”.

“The promotion of Otis to Vice Captain we are all hoping that by giving him this respected position it will be the makings of an already talented young footballer, both Daniel & Otis are talented players, giving both these prestige but responsible positions within the team structure, should bring the best out of them both, not only in talented skills with a football but with their leadership capabilities, me and my staff are fully united and proud to be giving both Daniel & Otis Captain & Vice Captain of Bacup Borough Football Club”.