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Peters: ‘Both Teams Deserve Credit’

Bacup Borough boss Brent Peters paid tribute to both teams after last nights Lancashire Co-Operative Trophy Quarter-Final win over Daisy Hill: “First of all I would like to congratulate both the Bacup Borough & Daisy Hill Players for the work rate & entertainment value on what was a really bad night, played on a pitch that started well but with the constant heavy rain became really heavy. Both teams were a credit in the way in which they conducted themselves throughout”.
“As for the way the game did pan out I was always comfortable that we would have the upper hand, the one worry was the fact that we have a good bunch of honest quality footballers here at Bacup, could they change their game to adapt to the conditions of the pitch?? In the main most of the time we did change, however a couple of lads did not and it was from this situation that inevitably gave Daisy Hill the chance to create some opportunities that would most certainly not have arrived had the surface been more supple”. Peters added: “Whilst we were always a constant threat only to be let down on several occasions by an assistants flag, some which were dubious to say the least, there is no doubt in my mind that the pitch did have a massive bearing on their goal which put the game level at the break. First of all we had a chance to have got the ball forward but failed to do so, with this losing possession too easily for my liking and from this the ball got knocked wide. The lad took his shot early which zipped off the surface and with it took Ryan Jones in goal by surprise thus equalising Daniel Cocks earlier penalty when Dave Grey was taken from behind in the box”.
“At half time with Steve Maden not feeling very well and needing to be replaced, I could have just left the team shape as we started. However, I opted to introduce another striker, as a manager sometimes your substitutions or ones way of thinking does pay off, and on other occasions sadly it does not. Thankfully in this game I got it right, I replaced a midfield player with a striker in Graham Mckeown, I was really pleased for Graham to whom has waited patiently for his chance. I always say to players if your chance comes, then all you can do is take it, well you do not take your chance much better than making sure when a chance does come ones way,then one takes that chance”. Peters added: “It was certainly not an easy chance, Graham’s pace took him away from his marker but the lad still had a lot to do to score, but the fact that Graham had told me earlier in the week that he would not let me down if he got that chance, well the kid did not do, it was a perfect well weighted,directed finish just inside the far post”. Peters said: “Obviously the game started to get stretched with our good positive forward play putting Daisy Hill under constant pressure, whenever we did surrender possession our visitors would go very much direct trying to catch us on the break. With this without taking anything away from our forward play, we had to remain cautious in order to not get caught out. With the pitch really sapping it was even harder than normal to constantly keeping supporting forward and recovering back, but with the rewards high the lads had to keep doing it and credit to them all, they did this really well”.
Peters finished by saying: “What I do not get my head around, when we are playing on a dry firm pitch officials pull players up for minimal contact. Taking last nights game in and the really bad conditions, without being disrespectful to Daisy Hill they worked really hard pressing all over the pitch. However it seems when the pitches are heavy as West View was then the three officials on parade had different rules, one could go through a players back, one could bundle a player off the ball, one could take players, everything which is normally penalised was allowed to be let go. It is no wonder we all harp on about officials, I am just glad Daisy Hill were more over endurance than dirty, otherwise with the lack of upholding the laws of the game , this could have ended up a free for all, thankfully both sides were honest and sensible”