Peters Circumspect Over Silsden Defeat

Bacup Borough manager Brent Peters continued to stress the positives after Wednesday nights harsh defeat at the hands of Silsden. “I was pleased with the team performance but obviously disappointed with the result, for the lads to lose to a penalty in a game we had for the majority of the time the upper hand in was a bitter pill to swallow. Whilst I did not have a clear view of the incident, the Referee was clear that a Bacup defender had two hands in the back of his counterpart, this being the case despite the fact the ball was in our keepers hands the penalty was given.” Peters added” it is situations such as this that prove that when chances come our way we need to be more clinical in front of goal, had we have been, the penalty would have had no significance, hopefully the culprit will learn but this apart I was happy by the way the lads played and on evidence of our opening two games I do believe we are stronger now than we were at this time last season, we may not have got off the ground yet points wise but in both games the performances have produced a whole lot of positives, being positive being the all important word”

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