Peters Comments On Game v Norton

Manager Brent Peters talking on the 4-0 loss to Norton United.


“What a difference one week makes, those who read my post match comments last week will have seen that I said it is not so often that one gets the ideal scenario of every single player carrying out their responsibilities well within our team shape, it could be said in our previous two games lads were all attention to detail hence positive results. Well this game and this result completely went against us this following a good positive start but when the player in question was in control of the ball, facing him is a team mate with an instruction of set me, this means a little lay off so runners could be put in, nothing should have been simpler, not it seems with this individual, we had started well, we had got in behind the opposition and I was pleased with the start. Basically at this point it was all good and positive, this until our forward failed to set his team mate who was facing him, instead he, without even looking played an inside ball with the outside of his foot, in other words a flick, this to make the best pass of the afternoon in awarding the opposition the ball.”


Peters said “From this we concede not one goal but two goals, such was how ridiculous the giving the ball away did flatten us.”


Peters said “Whilst the player in questions job is to hold the ball up, take care and bring other players into the game, something he did fail upon, we still should not have conceded bearing in mind this did happen just inside our half.”


Peters added “Whilst I agree the giving of the ball away probably took at least three of our players out of the game as we were breaking, never the less I must still question why we are not organised enough behind that when we do lose possession around the half way line the ball finishes up in the net, this should never have happened, talking and organising are of the upmost importance, more so when we have possession, sooner or later it will be lost, as in this instance it was.”


Peters then said “The fact we go one goal behind should really galvanise us more to regroup and carry on as we had started in order to get the equaliser, however disappointingly for me this did not happen, instead heads dropped and from this we lost all concentration, organisation, effort, so much so I was still making my brief note of how we conceded the opening goal when the ball was in the net again.”


Peters fumed “Due to conceding two goals in as many minutes gave us a mountain to climb.”


Peters added “That one mistake created several negative situations for us, it did lead to two goals in quick succession, this then meant all of our plans were blown out of the water leaving me to make changes in order to attempt to get back into this game, this itself was always going to leave us vulnerable at the back by chasing. However when things are going pear shaped things seem to go from bad to worse which was the case when their full back strikes the ball from the edge of the centre circle that flew into the top corner of the net.”


Peters added “Without taking away the lads effort, that same shot over and over would not go in, I guarantee, as for the fourth goal we just did not compete as we played for offside that was not given.”


Peters finished by saying “From their two quick goals and as shambolic as they were, Norton grew with a belief they could get more, they started to be quicker, sharper and when they needed they would fight ugly.”

Peters added “Nothing wrong with this, I wish some of my players would put this into their game, however there is no doubt in my mind Norton’s belief grew for all to see when one of our own players kill us with a fatal bad pass but more importantly a bad decision that inevitably put this game beyond us.”

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