Peters: ‘Experienced Heads Will Help Teach My Young Players’

Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters spoke to us following the Maine Road win when he had this to say:-
“Sentiment does not and will not wash with me, all I am interested in is positive results for Bacup Borough Football Club. This will only be achieved by players taking on board the team shape, their individual responsibilities within that team shape and from this each players desire to work hard in possession and even harder out of possession. This collectively must be their ultimate responsibility in every game, NOT picking their games in order to step up to the mark. That is what happened against Wigan Robin Park. Attitudes by some individuals were not right, showing a complete disrespect to Wigan Robin Park and from this we lost the game. I will not accept this sort of attitude. The players were told, if you listen and take on board each and everyone’s responsibility within our team shape and by doing this well and it fails, then the buck does stop with me. However, if they don’t take what I have said on board, if they don’t work in the areas they have been asked to work, if they over complicate the game and keep doing the wrong things, then inevitably the buck will stop with them”. Peters added:”This was the situation which forced me into the changes I have made. Some people may say this has been the story of our season. Their assumptions are correct but like I have said before, there are certain times within a season that players are available to be attracted to the club, whilst at other times players are wanting to stay with their present clubs in order to prove themselves. Then also up until recently with us being a development club, looking at experienced players was not an option. This ethos I had to change and did change for this game, take the Shane Birtles situation: Shane has been an almost ever present in the team this season. Why? Because he is a good player and has consistently done well in order to keep his shirt. When like I had for this game an experienced player as in Karl Stanley became available, then this offered me the opportunity of pulling Shane out with some big games coming up. Also it offered Shane the chance to watch an experienced campaigner play his role and how he did play the role, such as talking and organising other players around him, something if Shane can get into his game he will go on to be a really terrific player for that particular position. It was good for me to point certain aspects out to him as the game was going on, pulling Shane out was to help him and not for any other reason. Such is the kids great attitude, when he got the call, he picked up the baton and did well in his approach play and defensive play and with this took his winning goal really well. Not only did Shane take it well but most importantly he was in the right place as he was against Darwen to produce a clinical finish”. Peters went on: “I think the timing of Tommy Turner’s return could prove to have been a master stroke come the end of the season. We have a very good squad of talented footballers but the story of our season to date whilst inconsistency has played a part a major factor has been a lack of finishing. Well, in my opinion we have got probably the best finisher at NWCFL level from which he is proven, so the timing of this signing could have a very important bearing on our season”. Peters then said: “Right from the off we took the game to a very good Maine Road side, remember their last outing they scored six goals, so throughout the team our concentration levels had to be on it, this pleasingly we were. I felt for the lads at the break having been so disciplined and worked so hard during that first forty five minutes. Maine Road got a lucky break but there was nothing lucky about the kid Warburton’s finish although I am still bewildered how he got the ball in the net from the angle he was at. We did not deserve to be a goal down. Credit to my boys for the way they approached the second half, they could easily have gone out with the ‘here we go again’ ringing in their heads, or they could take all the positives from the first half and build on this in the second half, which was exactly what they did. They remained positive and with this we got the points.” Peters added: “I must admit with time going on whilst pressing and working hard the ball was not dropping for us in the right area to get the all important break. All three substitutes played a massive part, the ball from Paul Arrowsmith I loved, it was forward, it was well weighted into space which Dave Limabrooke did well not only in applying the finish but reacting to a forward pass into space. If that was a weight lifted, well I was in ecstasy and so were the players when Shane Birtles drilled the ball into the net”. Peters finished by saying: “Maine Road are a very good side, read the statistics which will show you that on the day the gulf between both sides was greater in Bacup’s favour. This comes with hard work and discipline. It is not the likes of against your Maine Roads and Padiham’s do I have a problem with my boys, their test comes on Tuesday to see if they can do it against the teams near the foot of the table, this only the Boys can answer But hopefully it will be a massive ‘Yes'””

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