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Peters: ‘I Am Proud Of My Boys’

Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters Cup Semi Final Post Match Comments: “I am really delighted for all at Bacup Borough after another memorable night, this time at the Excellent arena of The Lancashire FA’s County Ground. I am really proud of each and every one of my boys for their efforts but firstly I must spare a thought to my counterpart at Padiham Steve Wilkes and his staff. An excellent Manager with an excellent team. Whilst I am highly delighted with the effort from my boys I can’t help but spare a thought for everyone at Padiham. To lose any game is a difficult pill to swallow but to lose a semi final in any competition is one thing but with the Reebok one game away is really disappointing. Padiham are a good strong side that have only lost two league games to date, this with only thirteen weeks of the season left just shows what a tough team they are to beat, but as I expected every Bacup Player was well prepared and each and every one of them did put in every bit as importance of a performance as that of his team mate”. Peters added: “My final selection for this game did not come easy as I took twenty five players to the hotel from which I had to break down to sixteen. From the sixteen I then had to find the right balance with the starting eleven. My decisions were made with a lot of thought and careful consideration as I knew that there would be some really disappointed individuals”. Peters admitted two decisions were bold ones: “But as a Manager you have to have confidence in your players, confidence I had,and was sure the decisions I am referring to would be proved to be the correct ones. We are a family at Bacup. A family of talented footballers but sentiment could not come into any of my thinking, I am just sad for those good lads that did fail to make it”.
“With regards to the game in its entirety I felt come half time the game was fairly even. At half time I had to just point out one or two situations from which we needed to be switched more on to out of possession but once addressed and tweaked the potential problem was resolved.
The opening goal,although from the penalty spot, it was the movement in and around the box with some excellent play that did cause the Padiham defence problems. When Lee Oldham, to whom by the way ran himself into the ground, did turn brilliant to be wiped out, it was then left to our skipper Daniel Cocks to take the pressure and deliver. This he did but the best was yet to come from him. Arron Kirk was composed on the ball before finding Matty Bryan who did link up with Cocksie and still with a lot of work to do the skipper showed what a class act he is with terrific skill and an excellent finish”. Peters added “At this stage going into the final fifteen minutes of the game we were comfortable and well in control, but it only takes one second to score. Once Padiham got one back with an excellent strike the dimensions of the game changed by the fact Padiham as to be expected got the ball forward quickly and put us under some difficult pressure”. Peters added: “We defended the situation very well, although maybe on a couple of occasions during this spell we did ride our luck when the lad come in on the blindside of Matty Bryan but shot over, then another scramble got deflected over off Gareth Wager to whom I was pleased with his leadership especially at a time when a cool head was called for”. Peters finished by saying “There were a team of big performers out there that fully deserved their victory but with a slender one goal lead,the save that John Ogden did make to keep that lead intact was incredible. Then there was a debut for Darren Evans who was never fazed at anytime in having to make that debut in such a high intense competitive game. But the night belonged to each and every player for getting such rich rewards that their performance fully deserved and justified in going to the Reebok. I am proud of them all”