Peters: ‘It Was Downhill All The Way’.

Following the defeat at Colne Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters had this to say: “It goes without saying I am going to start with the unfortunate first half injury sustained by our keeper Ryan Jones who did not return for the second half. With no keeper on the bench we had to rely on Matthew Maine the only outfield player who creditably offered to take the breach in goal for the second half. At half-time the game was evenly poised with Colne having taken a slender one goal lead. This was a goal that was down to the questionable judgement of an assistant referee who claimed whilst we were pushing out following a free kick that we were still playing Colne onside. Our lads were adamant the Colne lads were offside but certainly the Assistant must be questioned. As there was no flag the goal was allowed, much to the disgust of us all. However, this set back apart I was confident that once we did address the fact that too many players were giving the ball away cheaply which in the main was creating our own downfall , then I was sure we would come away with something”. Peters went on ” However, what we could not legislate for was our keeper Ryan Jones not returning for the second period and then having to see the game out without a recognised keeper. It was literally downhill from the minute we kicked off. Not only were we defending the hill we shipped in five goals that from a teams defending point of view one would see better on a Sunday Morning”. Peters concluded “One must give Colne credit by the way they exploited our weakness on the night, this certainly not helped by a straight red card to striker Haydn Paul. That was another no brainer decision by the naive official as it was yellow at worst. The fact that the official seemed to be on first name terms with the majority of the Colne lads, the fact that the player screeched like a pig going for bacon, the fact that their players reacted like they did, all contributed to the official finding the red card. A more experienced official would have managed this situation a whole lot better. Like I said, yellow at the worst. Despite the unfortunate circumstances of losing our goalkeeper and striker, that was the worst collectively we have played, yet on the same token Colne probably had been briefed well by Nigel Coates to the point they were hungry and well up for the game. This in contrast to our lads who seemed to be mentally not tuned in once they had witnessed where they were playing. It was certainly a wake up call, I only hope from now going forward they all stay wide awake and get themselves back on track”

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