Peters Looking To Make It Three In A Row

Investing In The Youth

Tonight we get back to league action when we welcome Shelley to the Brian Boys Stadium. It seems quite a while since we last played in the league when we achieved two back to back league wins.

Our past two fixtures have seen us disappointingly exiting from two cup competitions, both just as easy as we have gone out we could also have been in the hat for the next round, such was the fact that in both games there was very little to choose between the two sides.

However we must get away from self-destructing and players have got to be able to take on board simple information, Saturday against Abbey Hey I was absolutely fuming after the game, I gave a simple basic instruction before introducing my last substitute, his information was, just play in the pocket and keep your eye on their right full back who was at times getting forward with late runs. The player in question responded yes, no problem, but it was a problem, and it did turn out to be a critical problem because the full back in question scored their winning goal. I was absolutely fuming as my substitute took it on himself to get involved with something else and not the duties he was given. Not only did he get it off me after the game but also on Sunday when I rang him up to try to find out what had got into his head. It is one thing giving young lads their heads by playing them in a mans league, but it is another when they just can’t digest basic important information.

Not only are my team giving me an headache but daily so is a four legged protected animal by way of a badger. Every morning I arrive at the ground and every morning it has caused havoc on the pitch by digging, I think it is fair to say it is completely doing my head in. And to make things worse there is not a right lot I can do about it, the only thing it has in common with Bacup Borough is it is Black & white. I can’t even say it is bringing us much luck, but rest assured it is dropping plenty of muck, they say muck for luck, well lets hope come 10pm tonight our luck is in and we have ended the game with three straight League victories.

Finally. There will be some new faces added to the squad tonight, another bonus being they are local lads too, we wish them well hopefully they enjoy their journey with us.

Enjoy the game
Brent Peters