Peters Not Happy With Officials After Parkgate Loss

Following Bacup & Rossendale Borough’s cruel exit going out of the FA Vase Replay on penalties, manager Brent Peters had this to say.

“They say in the cup one needs a little bit of lady luck, well we got one part of the lady and luck right, we got a lady referee but nowhere to be seen on the night was any kind of luck.”

Peters added “For starters we had a very good goal struck off in the first half when Matthew Bryan’s quality corner sailed right into the net but somehow our lady friend conjured up that their keeper had been fouled. Then if that wasn’t bad enough, in the second half we had a blatant penalty appeal turned down when Simon Thompson had turned his man in the box and I was fifty yards away and I could see the lads shirt being pulled in order to stop him gaining advantage but once again a big decision was bottled. They always say they come in three’s and this it did and yet again despite the assistance of her linesman the female official overruled him when not only the assistant but most people in the ground did see their keeper strike Shane Birtles. As the assistant pointed out, red card for the keeper, penalty for BARB but once again the lady in black was having none of it. The assistant was overruled and with this justice was certainly not done.”

Peters added “These are really big decisions and sadly they went against us and with it a good run in what is a financial lucrative competition.”

Peters said “I thought the boys played quite well in what was a very difficult game, Parkgate as we saw in the first game in Rotherham are extremely dangerous off set-pieces but I thought our defence were in the main superb, they were solid throughout.”

Peters commented “With the quality of the ball from Matty Bryan that went frustratingly right across the face of goal, had the strikers have been up with Matty then there were nothing more than tap in’s for them. Instead we are still a quality finisher off being a very good team however instead we look back and think if only.”

Peters then said “Having played two hours football in the original game and another two hours in the replay, four hours of intense football could not separate both teams which brought us to the lottery of penalties. Once again that bit of lady luck deserted us with two lads in Daniel Cocks and Adrian Bellamy saw their kicks well saved.”

Peters finished by saying “The first two names on any of our penalties would be Adrian and Daniel, both are normally clinical but it just proves by the fact on this occasion theirs were saved and the fact we lost two goal cushions on three occasions in the original game in Rotherham just proved that this year all of the omens were against us to the point we were destined not to progress.”

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