Peters: “Players Preparation Not Right’

Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters Post Match Comments: “Following a lack of games due to postponements, then having to go into an intense Cup Semi Final, this was followed three days later with an important league game at Ashton Athletic. Looking at the entire picture, whilst disappointed with the result, I can’t say I was not surprised. I will admit from a selfish point of view I was hoping that this game would have been a victim of the weather. I was worried that the effects of Wednesday’s game would have a bearing on procedures, not that it should have done but from experience and experience in my current squad of players from which some have not realised just what it does take to play at a good level in Non League and be conditioned to be able to play at the top of their game for two games per week. Having monitored this game watching some individuals I have proved that I was right”. Peters added: “Too many players were off the pace, this through lack of games. David Limabrooke I half expected having been out through injury and like the others he did put an excellent shift in in the semi Final. Paul Nelson I half expected due to his lack of starts, but in the case of some of the other players, they disappointed me. Not just because they did not perform to their expected level of performance but they ignored how important recovery following Wednsdays intense game was and then from this preparing right ready for an important game as this game was”. Peters added “If these players want to be successful and be part of our journey, then their mind set must change. They must be able to condition themselves to play in high intense games twice per week and for forty weeks, after all that is what makes Champions. Look at Padiham, they were in a hard difficult game against us as we were in a hard difficult game against them. Whilst some of my individuals turn up in the next game struggling fitness wise and with this a determined work hard side as In Ashton got their rewards from that work rate. Yes, people may point out Ashton did not have to play an intense game as we did in mid week, this may be correct but it will not wash with me as Padiham were involved in a high intense mid week game against us but their players picked themselves up, brushed themselves down to bounce back against Norton on Saturday. If they can do that, then we should be doing that. The fact we did not has really disappointed me and from this it has taken a lot of the gloss off our Semi Final Win”.
Peters carried on by saying: “The game itself I said to the lads at half time that the only way we would lose this game was if an individual did something stupid. I could not see us at all coming away with nothing. Also at the same time I had warned one of my midfield players for taking too many touches and doing too many tricks. Well my words fell upon deaf ears as the player in question did the opposite of his instruction, we lost the ball and we conceded. Had the ball gone forward once he had got half a yard of space, then there would have been more chance of us scoring than us which did happen conceding. Very indisciplined and a very sloppy goal, also I must question my keeper when we conceded a free kick at the edge of the box, the lads had taken their reference point, the fact that once the ball was played and we did not hold that line is not good but if the keepers starting position is right, then he comes and takes everything. By this players and ball, the lad got his head over his marker to get enough to score centre of goal which was very disappointing. The goal we did score came from Gareth Wager who is a defender who did show the midfield players that if you put the ball in the right area we will score. That is what we did. I was pleased with Martin Cosgrave’s contribution coming on as a substitute who got us a penalty which should have secured one point. Unusually Daniel Cocks got his shot saved, had he have followed his shot then he would have scored at the second attempt as their keeper spilled the ball”. Peters finished by heaping massive praise on Darren Evans making only his second appearance in a Bacup shirt. Peters said “Darren Evans was thrown into the Semi Final on his debut to put in an excellent workmanlike performance, and in this game three days later having come off a twelve hour shift the lad was magnificent. This is the bar in terms of work ethic and commitment that all my players must adopt if they want to be winners”.

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