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Peters: ‘Quality Was Different Class’

Following the win against Silsden we spoke to the Bacup Manager Brent Peters who had this to say: ” What people must realise is that we are having to play almost half of our League programme within less than one month, a task that does bring with it its own problems. One of which is of obviously not being able to play anything like our strongest team as with each game coming every other day it then poses the question of to whom are available. It may be I have the numbers but do I have the balance. At Alsager I did not have my recognised defenders which left me playing players in positions they are unfamiliar with, this situation irrespective of how many games behind all the other clubs we had, the fact it was inevitable we would not be strong. We could easily have got ourselves in a dog fight, gladly this is now not the case due to the excellent attacking performance against Silsden”. Peters added: “It is called managing players in terms of availability in which games. The fact that several of the team taking the field against Silsden did not play on Saturday,this proved on this occasion to go a long way towards freshening the lads to basically steam roll a Silsden side that were busy, bright and full of energy but as my statistician pointed out, this was our most prolific attacking performance of the season. This did not surprise me. Once we got going I thought our quality going forward was different class. First of all a well marshalled defence did not only protect Paul Horridge in the Bacup Goal but did push up at every opportunity helping the midfield to get on contact with the front lads. The hold up play from Butorins and the energy and craft from David Gray was something else, both deserved to be on the score sheet. This along with Shane Birtles to whom for me just never ceases to amaze me with his level of performance pro ratio of games played in such a short time”. Peters said: “The fact that we lost yet another regular first teamer in Darren Evans before half time with a hamstring injury, this did not in any way affect us as the introduction of the son of a former Bacup Captain Sean Coleman, Daniel stepped into the breach and did quite well in his first start for the club. Credit must go to the Silsden keeper that most certainly kept this scoreline respectable which could easily have been an embarrassment”.
Peters finished by saying: “Following this result and the results from the night following does mean that mathamatically we can’t get drawn into a relegation dog fight. However, whilst I would hope we can win every game going forward, this will not happen and due to the fact we will be playing every other night, it does go without saying there will be some more defeats before we finish but of no importance”