Peters: ‘Schedule Worse Than Slavery’

At the end of another demanding week we spoke to the Bacup Borough Manager to get his views on the week that was. Brent Peters had this to say: “Whilst I am delighted with the efforts these boys are putting in for the club, I can’t say that I am happy with certain comments having been made following our draw with relegation candidates Squires Gate”. Peters blasted: “I do not know what they think these lads are. As a squad they have just completed their 9th game in 19 days and this week it was their third game in 6 days in a week from which we have taken seven from a possible nine points, scoring four goals and conceding one. This with an injury hit squad. Going into the Squires Gate game we had no Matthew Bryan, Gareth Wager, Arron Kirk, Darren Evans or Tommy Turner all of which have in the main been ever present. In addition missing due to other commitments were Martin Cosgrave, Karl Stanley and Adam Turner. Despite losing the quality and work ethic of these players, the fact that players for whom have been on the fringe all season have been thrust into the lions den with games every other day, the boys are doing more than their best in exceptional circumstances”. Peters added: “Some people need to smell the coffee and look at the bigger picture without being critical or derogative towards a bunch of lads that are going to extreme lengths. Obviously there are going to be games where we play slick passing movement and are creating and scoring goals but the fact is that it is also inevitable that the changes in personnel will dictate the sort of quality we will deliver”. Peters went on: “Just over forty eight hours ago against Congleton the boys went to extreme lengths to get all three points and having to play with ten men for fifty five minutes. For me the Congleton result by the fact that players were struggling with injuries, the fact that we went down to ten men, the fact that every single player did go that extra mile covering for the injured and rallying to ensure the points were coming our way, did make me so proud. Those lads you would want to be in the trenches with but it certainly took its toll going into the Squires Gate game. If the team loses midfield players that have quality and are ball players to be replaced with players that may lack quality but do have the bulldog spirit of battling and winning footballs, then this may in someway explain why the match with Squires Gate turned out like it did. Squires Gate came to us fighting for survival in the Premier league, so it goes without saying they would be fighting. We more than matched them but on the day our quality was not there to open them up. This comes down to either the players capable of opening other teams up were not on their game, this or they were missing and no replacements available like for like but to be disappointed under the circumstances is nonsensical to me”.
Peters then went onto say: “If people are disappointed after the week that was and picking up seven points, then I’ve no doubt they will be even more disappointed this week when we face five games in six games, a farcical situation that will bring with it farcical performances which could bring farcical results. People should get behind us all as what we are about to endure is, I am sure, worse than slavery”

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