Peters Slams Missing ‘Time Wasters’

Bacup Manager Brent Peters returning to his old club had this to say: ” This was our first game for three weeks, introducing new players and with it a different shape and approach. Unfortunately due to time wasters we were not able to field what I would consider to be our strongest side at this moment in time. However, the players in question were not letting me down, it was their team mates that felt betrayed and let down. As for me I will have the most satisfactory task of dealing with them, something they will not find nice and easy to accept especially at this time of the year”. Peters added: “I am not prepared to say anymore on the issue apart from having a calculating guess that they were gambling on the game not going ahead, something in itself that  just proves amateurish thoughts and with it proves just what they are and where they are destined for, amateur football”.

“With regards to the game itself, the boys were positive and with it created a couple of really good opportunities that a natural finisher would most certainly have put Glossop to the sword. With their defence all over the place there were two open goals and their keeper Ben Proctor was called into the action”. Peters added: “I was really pleased with the start we made, in fact take the result away I was pleased with most other aspects of our game. As we know goals change everything and it was us that gifted Glossop a get out of jail card. A ball in behind into the space was rashly defended by Gareth Wager, probably eight times out of ten his timing would be spot on but on this occasion he was late and to be fair I can’t argue with the officials decision to award them a penalty which they converted. However, I was incensed by the official at the opposite end when Daniel Cocks was not only taken out but smacked in the head, I was even more incensed when two respectable people who were stood at the opposite end came round and told me it was a stone wall penalty, the officials never helped us all afternoon. In fact it was little wonder the Glossop faithful were congratulating him at full time, as he leant to them all afternoon. All I can say on this matter, it was a good job his coach had left the ground before I could get to him, as the two very young assistants and the man in the middle were as effective as our missing players. Despite the fact Glossop had their noses in front from the spot, it was certainly Bacup that were asking all the questions. However, there is a thin line between success and failure, success can come when a player can capitalise on another players failure and from this producing something from a mistake, this was the case when Glossop doubled their lead. Shane Birtles had the ball but lost possession and from this Glossop’s Battersby with a lot to do did produce a clinical finish, basically the difference between the two sides. Had we have had a clinical finisher with the amount of glorious service we were creating, then the lad would have had several goals to his tally, the opportunities going begging was frightening”. Peters concluded “Whilst it was disappointing to surrender possession for the second goal the way we did,  the most frustrating part was certain members of our midfield not even making an effort to get back in, with this Glossop had overloaded our defence which made that particular situation more difficult for us to defend.  “In the second half we were asking all the questions, my only crititism apart from the obvious of not taking advantage of the good opportunities we created was the fact that when we went three at the back we still tried to play from the back rather than changing and being more direct. Result apart the boys were positive, took the game to our opponents, asked a lot of questions and created a lot of excellent opportunities, so I think it is fair to say the top of my Christmas list is a natural finisher. If there is one out there, then he needs to come our way because with this talented bunch the lad will have plenty of good supply. With regards to the stats, Glossop are ahead of us due to efforts taken early that were well wayward and never troubled us, this in contrast to us, that either failed to connect with a gaping open goal facing us or making one pass too many and failing to get any shot off at all. The bottom line we went, we played, we were positive, not clinical and that is why we got nothing, something our performance certainly did not deserve”

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